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I am trying to contact either the FSSP or the Institute. I love the TLM, and I want to be a Priest, as I’ve said. Which would you recommend? Which Congregration is harder to apply to? I am a Canadian, so studying at a Seminary in the U.S is harder, as i need a Student Visa (i think, correct me if im wrong). However the FSSP has a Seminary in Germany, and the Institute has one in Italy. I am a citizen of Hungary as well as a Canadian citzen (at least i think i still have my hungarian citizenship). Since Hungary is part of the EU, and since im a citizen, could I go to either Seminary since both countries are members of the EU and since im a member of a country that is a member of the EU would that mean i dont need a Visa?? :confused: :confused:

Im stuck.

Also, while you answer my question:

Could you refer me a couple of Franciscan or Benedictine communites that have the EF and need/send men on to be Priests??


seriously,you need to talk to a spiritual director and take his advice.


The other day you wanted to join the Knights of the Holy Eucharist. I know you have a spiritual director, as you’ve said many, many times, and I know that he says you have a vocation to the priesthood. At this point you need to focus less on communicating your highs and lows constantly on the internet and more on growing in prayer and devotion so that you may have more clarity about your vocation, whatever it might be. I’m glad that you’re so enthusiastic, but don’t let your zeal get you carried away and have you bouncing off the walls in a thousand different directions. You’re in my prayers.



I don’t think you would need a Visa if you went.
However, what happened to the Knights of the Holy Eucharist? The FSSP and ICRSS are both two fraternities that have different apostolates, and if God is calling you to them he will put you there. Would you be able to PM me? I may be able to help you.


I also probably will enter in the FSSP Seminary in Italy and I do not think you need Visa. :)


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