FSSP Ordinations at my parish

Apparently, some of the ordinations for the Fraternity of St. Peter several years ago took place at the beautiful Cathedral of St. Peter here in London, Ontario (my regular parish), with our former Bishop John Sherlock.


It has nice neo-gothic style architecture inspired by the medieval French Cathedrals, notably Notre Dame de Paris. Started in the late 1800s and completed in the early 1950s. It has since been granted Minor Basilica status.


Here we can see the new High Altar prepared for Classical Mass.

This is a shot taken from the choir loft. The sanctuary was renovated in the late 1960s and expanded into the transept area. Originaly the old High Altar would have stood where the Cathedra is now (at the very back of the sanctuary) and the communion rail would have ran just behind the where the new Altar is today.





Some more pictures of the ordinations and the Mass itself. Very beautiful :).

I wish we had FSSP near where I live!!! You are very lucky. Thanks for the pictures.

My archbishop permitted a single FSSP Mass, when the memer of a parish was ordained. However, despite the requests of many, he has not permitted FSSP into the diocese. That is very sad as the only priest who prays a TLM is well past retirement age and his health is not so Good.

Please pray for Father Brown.

This is why we need the Universal ‘Indult’

You are so right. At Father Brown’s parish, he is permitted only a single TLM. Also the place is awful, the Parish building it self has some real mildew problems and needs a major renovation. Not to mention the fact that the place is way out of the way.

:gopray: Pray for the universal indult! :gopray:


I live just north of you (well, 98 miles north) and our Bishop is of the same cut of cloth. Again one Indult in downtown Seattle with little or no parking.

But we have Una Voce of Western Washington and a sub-chapter in the Tacoma/Sumner area.

Both groups are well organized and active. We will prevail !

I have been to that Mass! Typically, I only pay $12 to park! :frowning:

The people there are so faithful and pleasent! Una Voce! :thumbsup: The priest is wonderful.

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