FSSP pictures please!

can someone please show me some photos of an FSSP Mass? i’ve never seen one in photos, and would truly love to see some!

thanks for your help! :thumbsup: hey cesear, i bet you have some?

This has more than just Masses, but I figure what better place than the FSSP’s own photo albums?


thanks andreas! that is going to be great to surf through!

Here is a link to the pictures of my parish which is run by the FSSP.

Keep in mind that we are currently renting from three other parishes in our Diocese. We have begun the process of trying to acquire our own property, as can I blogged about here:

So please pray for us as we work towards having our own Temple for the Lord.

For the heck of it in all its rarity…


Gotta love it!
This is the one in Dallas…daily

I especially like this one-Oklahoma City

Some more here

St Paul’s in PGH

Yeah that was the night of All Soul’s Day. The choir sung the Requiem Mass.

I have to tell you, the picture Father used on the Oklahoma City website is not our Chapel. Our Chapel is more modest than the picture you posted–but I think quite impressive in it’s own right.

When I viewed that site, I admit I was conflicted by the differences.
Yes, the other place is quite modest.
In Dallas, the Daily TLM is in Thomas Aquinas shown above. BUT, the Sunday Masses are in a Cloister Convent Chapel…packed to standing only and has to have 2 TLM Sunday Masses

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