How many are part of the Confraternity of St. Peter.
Seems like a good one to be part of. I sent in my form.:thumbsup:


I’m happy to hear that!!! Hopefully you will find what you are looking for in the Catholic Church which Christ founded instead of the Orthodox one that broke away.

I have said a prayer or two for you these past few days. hope you don’t mind.


Too many responsibilities of membership. I’ll pass.

[Edited by Moderator] They won’t return e-mails or phone calls. Unless they’re begging for money. Then you can’t get away from them.


[Edited by Moderator] For real?

One of their priests just spent every Saturday afternoon with me for the last 7 months one-on-one teaching me the faith. I was just brought in to the Church by him this past weekend.

I have met several of them and they have been anything but [Edited by Moderator]. So I don’t understand why you might think that.:confused:


I told you. Try to pay attention. They don’t return e-mails and phone calls.

I’m not talking about individual priests of the FSSP. I’ve found them to be wonderful men one on one. I’m talking about the higher ups that are supposed to represent the FSSP well and put their best face forward. The guys up Nebraska way. Yeah. [Edited by Moderator]


I also find that very strange. I applied to their seminary, and they
always answered my calls and emails. In fact they were
always calling me. The priests are the holiest men I have ever
met. Weird. Maybe you caught them on a bad day?


Praying a decade of the Rosary daily, a prayers specific for the FSSP and an annual Mass do not seem like a lot of responsibilities. Note, this is a direct copy/paste from their website fssp.org/en/confraternite.htm :

"Members commit themselves to

  • every day: 1) pray one decade of the holy rosary for the sanctification of our priests and for our priestly vocations, 2) and recite the Prayer of the Confraternity;
  • every year: 3) have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered once for these intentions."

Is there something I am missing? (I went to the web-site provided by the OP and that is what I found as the commitment).

Now this I can not address as I have never tired to contact them, they may indeed not answer e-mails or phone calls in a timely manner but this can also be because of being busy or being poorly organised when it comes to these types of contacts (e-mails/phone calls may be lost?) Not a good excuse but there it is, they maybe have only one person trying to follow-up with these things and it can get overwhelming :wink: .

Anyway, I do like the idea of praying for Priests. I used to pray every Thursday with a bunch of other on-line friends and have been thinking of starting that again.

Brenda V.


How long does it normally take for them to respond? I emailed their vocations secretary this past Friday and I have still not gotten a response back. I sure hope it isnt a case where they only respond if they are asking for money as well.


When I first got in contact with the ICRSS, I emailed them, and within 2 days **Msgr. Schmitz **(! :D) replied and put me into contact with one of their English Priests.

It all went very well from there, and God Willing, I will be in their Seminary this September.

One must realise though, the FSSP is a lot bigger than the Institute, and the amounts of emails etc that they do receive must be very large.



I wish the Institute set up a confraternity like this one. They have a prayer though which you can recite daily:institute-christ-king.org/ConsecrationPrayer.htm


[Edited by Moderator]

Anyway, I agree that praying one decade of the Rosary per day and a few other little things is not in any way difficult to fulfill. Not to mention, the requirements say that it doesn’t bind us under penalty of sin. So whats the harm praying for our priests? :thumbsup:


I wouldn’t worry about it mattwcu. You still have a valid membership here whereas KXMV is now banned.


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