FSU teacher resigns following Facebook posts that included gay slur


I guess its not just liberal professors who act badly.



From the article about Prof. O’Connor:

O’Connor took issue with a Facebook post by Colin Lively, a New York City-based consultant to the beauty industry, which welcomed Holder’s decision to have the U.S. Justice Department investigate the police shooting death of a black 12-year-old boy carrying a toy gun. The fatal shooting of the boy came amid high-profile deaths of unarmed black men by white police officers in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, N.Y.

O’Connor called Lively a gay slur and used profane language.

“Take your Northern (gay slur) elitism and shove it up your (expletive),” O’Connor wrote on Lively’s Facebook post (they are not Facebook friends, but have one mutual friend on the social media site).

“I teach at a University, you (expletive). What do you do?” she added. “You are an intellectual fraud, just like your Messiah. Obama has single-handedly turned our once great society into a Ghetto Culture, rivaling that of Europe.”

O’Connor told the Tallahassee Democrat that she was embarrassed by the entire incident. She was not forced to resign, she said, but she was encouraged to.

“I’ve learned my lesson about Facebook; let’s just leave it at that,” O’Connor said. “I decided to resign because I didn’t think it was feasible to drag myself and Florida State through this kind of mud.”

O’Connor told the newspaper that she’s embarrassed by this incident. She should be.


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