Fugitive killed inside Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria


This story has international intrigue, this “fugitive” was wanted for a murder in Israel 30 years ago; he was killed in the Palestinian embassy, fell to his death but some are blaming the death on Israel.

Fugitive killed inside Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, called Zayed’s death “an atrocious crime”.

Omar Nayef Zayed, 52, was found dead in the yard of the Palestinian Embassy in Sofia, with some reports that he fell to his death.

The Bulgarian prosecutor’s office said Friday that an embassy official “had reported the death resulting from violence” in the embassy, the news agency reported.

Bulgarian chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov told reporters there was evidence Nayef had been living at the embassy. Zayed was “rushed to hospital but died en route”.

“Omar is one of the Palestinian fighters who led the struggle against the occupation and fulfilled his duty to his land and his people”, al-Madbuh said.

There was no official Israeli comment but Israeli public radio quoted “a security source” as saying that “Israel has no interest in striking at an elderly terrorist, especially if it involves danger or committing resources”, the Middle East Eye reported.

“According to private NOVA TV, the body belongs to Palestinian citizen Omar Zayed whose Israel+Requested+Extradition+of+Palestinian+Convict” extradition had been requested by Israel.

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