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When is your Mass obligation on Sunday fulfilled? At what point is it not? For instance, this past Sunday I attended Mass, but there were plenty of times I wasn’t really focused. E.g the consecration, after the priest said, “This is my blood” my attention became focused on something trivial rather than the transubstantiation of the wine.


I imagine that describes all of us.


You are obligated to attend Mass, not to be mentally present to or alert during it, however beneficial this may be to you. So if you were at Mass from start (sign of the cross) to finish (the priest’s exit from the nave), you satisfied your obligation without any doubt.


I could stop a moving freight train with my bare hands easier than stopping my mind from wandering during Mass, no you are not alone.

Remember that each time your mind wanders and you DECIDE to turn your mind back to God you are CHOOSING God over trivial things! Potentially you could choose God hundreds of times during Mass, I know I do each time I am pulling my attention back from a grocery list, something irritating my husband did, a song I like, a movie I saw or anything else trivial that flows through my mind I am saying to God that I choose Him instead and that is wonderful I think.


Yes, it is wonderful.


Im happy to hear others are struggling with this issue as well.
I always get the feeling that Im the worst Catholics alive when I start thinking of the transfer window or any other trivial mambo jambo during the most holy consecration of the Eucharist.

I’ve wondered if I should abstain from communion because of this:(
Again it’s nice to see it happens with much better people than me then I guess it’s common.

I wonder if it ever happens to the Pope during the Holy Mass as well?

Yours in Jesus and Mary


Although distractions do happen, they can become less when we practice a more prayerful interior life.

We should not become anxious when we do have distractions, but gently let them go.


To clarify, the above remark concerns our *legal *obligation in conformity with canon law. We also have a *moral *obligation to adore and thank God, most especially during his official public worship. It’s true we all get distracted, and it’s probably only a venial sin if that, but the virtue of religion demands more than warming a pew.


I agree. :thumbsup:


I must be an oddball !!! I sometimes wander in my thoughts during the Homily, as my Priest has a heavy accent, and I can’t always follow what he’s saying. I’ve started gazing at the large crucifix behind the Altar and praying when this happens. During the Mass itself, and especially the Consecration, I am very focused on what is happening on the Altar and worshiping the Lord throughout. Same during the hymns, and after Holy Communion.

I used to wander mentally, but for several years now I have been very focused. Partly, I think it is because I could rarely attend Mass for 3 years while caring for my terminally ill husband. After his death, I became very focused and so grateful for the comfort I received during Holy Mass! I also went back to being an Extraordinary Minister at Mass. I only notice a wandering mind when one of my servers or other Extraordinary Ministers whom I schedule do something wrong. I notice it immediately, and begin thinking about how to kindly correct them, then realize I’m taking my attention away from the Liturgy and immediately try to concentrate again. :gopray:


Thanks be to the Lord! May all of us be encouraged to strive for that. It IS possible when we cooperate with the Lord’s grace.


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I have a friend who has a journal and pen and when the Priest is giving a homily, she keeps notes. I asked her about it. She said that it has been very helpful for her especially when a priest has a heavy accent. It forces her to listen carefully.

I have thought about this, (generally during a sermon). Maybe it would be a good idea for me as well.


The parish has a wonderful new priest from Africa. I now sit way up front to be closer to Jesus and to hear better. I’m sure he is brushing up on his vowels to speak more effectively. I wish I had a pen & pad with me today for he gave a great homily and burst out in a song of praise to end it.

Lord Jesus Christ, you ordained the apostles priests at the Last Supper to continue your mission of mercy to the end of time. We believe that every Catholic priest traces his ordination to that first ordination on Holy Thursday night. We know how much you expect of your priests and we also know how weak and human they are. Inspire us, dear Jesus, to pray and sacrifice for your priests who are also our priests that by their faithfulness to you in this life they may bring countless souls to you in the life to come. Mary, mother of priests, pray for priests that they may love your Divine Son, even as you did unreservedly, all the days of their lives. Amen. Alleluia.


Amen. Alleluia! :slight_smile:

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