Full blown tantrum


The situation is my oldest, 4 1/2, girl is throwing full blown temper-tantrums at the drop of a hat. She is the oldest of 4 (brother, 3, sister, 21months, and new born brother, 3 weeks) and she seems to be having a hard time.
Never really had tantrums before, at least not like these, and my normal response is to out right ignore the behavior, but she is getting more and more dramatic.

Looking for some advice or other strategies to try to curb her behavior.


Edit: I realize that I should have posted this in the parenting forum. Feel free to ignore.


I am a mother of 4 and my best advice is to remain firm. Ignoring is better than giving in for sure. Another thing to try is positive praise every chance you get. Even if you have to look hard for a reason. Example; Wow! I am so proud that you tried to handle that like a big girl! And when she is throwing a tantrum, say aloud and firm. That is a tantrum, I don't respond to tantrum throwing. THEN TOUGH IT OUT and don't respond until she calms down. I am currently working with my youngest (8) who whines CONSTANTLY! It wasn't until I began to point out, That's whining....I don't listen to whining, that he began to find other ways to get my attention. Unfortunately, it's a slow process and it needs to be consistent, but it does improve! Recently and most importantly, I continue to pray for patience. It helps :)


I hope this allowed, I have never used this website before so I wasn’t really sure what this was going to do. So this is just a test post. I really like this forum, it has some excellent discussions that take place

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Suggest you leave the room during a tantrum. It's done for an audience. When she's behaving, give her attention, read her a story, play with her, She may feel she's not getting enough of you. Enlist her help caring for younger ones.
What a lovely family. (Might not seem like it all the time!)


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