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What if you don’t know if you fully consented to a sin. I was just online and a profanity that takes the lords name in vain poped into my head I didn’t say it out loud but i don’t know if i willed it their either. If I confess that but I didn’t consent is that lying in confession. I realize i may be being scrupulous here. Sorry

If you truly don’t know whether or not you consented, you didn’t give consent. You would know if you deliberately consented. :slight_smile:

  1. “Popped into my head” is a pretty clear indication that you did not will it.

  2. Confessing something that you are not sure about is NOT lying.

And yes you are being a bit scrupulous here - but no need to apologize. The thing to remember is that confession is not just about confessing the things that you are “sure” about. It’s also about seeking guidance. So - if you are unsure, but concerned, please do take it to your confessor. He is in the best place to offer you advice.


Hi Catholic235,

That was to me just a temptation or some type of attack of the enemy. That is when we must simply say out loud if we are alone or to ourselves in crowds “Begone Satan in the Name of Jesus Christ” or "All spirits not of Heaven depart in the Name of Christ. And then make a Sign of the Cross.

  Then we should tell the Lord that we surely reject these vile notions,  that we love God, and want to serve God. And we should thank God and ask Christ to intervene in our lives. 

And most importantly we must acknowledge the presence of our powerful and mighty Guardian Angel.    True he is there always at our side; but we have to in fervent prayer speak to him and ask him to carry our prayers and pleas up to the Throne of the Most High.  We should tell him that we are sorry he had to witness the times we have sinned because we didn't listen to his inspirations against sinning.

After we confess these things to God we should mention this in Confession.  Then after we Confess & say or do our penances,  we should forget these sins.  The Lord wants us to live in abundant Joy. 

But in what you describe, I don’t believe that is a sin.

  Christ  wants us to take our concerns and  worries and give them to Him.  This is especially true for things well beyond ourselves.   Of course we still need to be actively "fighting the Good Fight" as  St. Paul puts it.   But we need not worry because we have Jesus Christ.

Pax Lux,

Oh, I think you are being scrupulous on here :yup:

Those with scrupulosity need to see a spiritual director.

For the scrupulous conscience:

"You shall not confess doubtful sins in confession, but only sins that are clear and certain.

Of all of the correspondence that I receive, I would say that this issue is the one that occurs most often. “What does a person do if they are not sure that they committed a sin?” For this reason, this is a very important commandment to remember because it clearly states the truth: Doubtful sins don’t count! There is no need to confess something that does not clearly and certainly exist. In fact, it is harmful to one’s self to confess that which is doubtful. Again, such a practice is not at all helpful and must be resisted.

Now I can almost hear some of you saying, “I am not sure if I doubt that I sinned or if I am just trying to fool myself to believe that I am doubting that I sinned.” This thought in itself demonstrates that you are in fact doubting and so, therefore, the commandment comes into play: You shall not confess doubtful sins."

From: mission.liguori.org/newsletters/scrupulosity.htm

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