Full Knowledge with a time crunch! Holy Communion


Hi y’all!

I’ll try to keep it short for you guys, but first a little backstory! I know that to commit a mortal sin you need full knowledge, complete consent, and it has to be grave matter. Also, I am aware that if you are unsure if something is grave matter or not that you have the obligation to find out if it is before you act. I was in a spot where I didn’t know if doing something would be grave matter or not, but I did not have a sufficient amount of time to think through if it would be grave before performing the act, an act which if I didn’t do could be seen as uncharitable. So I did it in a state of mind kind of like “This could be grave matter and I know I should look this up if I can but I don’t have time to!” It’s not like I had time and just put it off, it was a situation that was presented to me that I tried to think through but the situation came before I could reach a conclusion.

Also, sorry if this is super vague but I don’t want to tell y’all exactly all my sins!

When I had time, after doing my action I thought through whether or not it would be grave and discovered it would not have been, but I know that doesn’t impact whether I sinned or not at the moment I committed an act.

Is doing something like what I described a couple paragraphs above still a mortal sin? I ask with a sense of urgency because I would like to receive Holy Communion tomorrow if possible, and to get to Confession I would have to wait another week.

Thank y’all so much!!! :slight_smile:


y’all need to talk to a priest.


Ok, I get it with the y’all. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about my access to a priest in a one on one context tomorrow and I would like to receive tomorrow. Priests are probably really busy on Sunday too. Might just have to sit this one out and wait for Confession next Saturday.


I’m with Clare on this one – talk with a priest.

Nothing wrong with making a spiritual communion if you’re not sure – it shows your deep love for Our Lord in not wishing to offend Him further if you are not in a state of grace.

Personally, I’ve chosen not to receive more times than I can remember due to either knowledge of grave sin, or the possibility of grave sin – not out of scrupulosity, just out of uncertainty. In those cases, I make a spiritual communion and get my rear end in the confession line ASAP.

God bless you, dear.



Best advice I’ve heard.

Communion should never be a source of anxiety or tension.




That’s what I would do. Cross your arms and receive a blessing .


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