Full Monty?

Has anyone seen the stage show? How “full” is it? Some friends want to go and I really don’t want to go to a male strip show. OTOH, if it is like the movie, not much gets shown and it is a rather nice movie actually. Don’t know about the stage show. If I have to be known as a prude, Oh well, but I would like to go out with friends if I can do it.

I went and saw this last year. I liked it; it was funny. As to how far the nudity goes, when I saw it, the men were on stage in thongs and then a big light came up behind them so you couldn’t see anything but silhouettes, then the stage went black. So there was no visible nudity. For me, watching the guy I was sitting next to get farther and farther down in his seat was well worth the price of admission.:slight_smile:

You know, I liked the movie, too. It reminded me how, when a culture devalues its men, everyone is cheapened. Men go from using their bodies in gainful employment, to selling them for entertainment. The women are portrayed in unflattering terms (how unfeminine are they? Well, they can even pee standing up now), the men are portrayed in unflattering terms (how unmasculine are they? Well, they cannot even participate in loving marital relations now), and everyone was, on some level, as gloomy as the sooty town.

Yet, in the midst of all this, there is Grace. There is genuine love between husbands and wives, there is genuine love between fathers and sons, and, despite all their (and, by extention, our) sinful stumblings, there is a genuine love of the life God gave us all.

Anyway, hope the play is as good at the movie was!

Thank you!! I felt the same way about the movie, and am feeling OK about the play.

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