Full Participation Idea


What is to stop me from joining the liturgical dancers when they are dancing down the aisle?
I kinda know the electric slide, and I can do the shovel pretty good. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that part of full participation?
Too often we just sit and endure liturgical abuses, why not have some fun and make an example of how silly experimenting with the liturgy is?

God Bless


hey I’m with you, full active participation (those of us with arthritis will sit this one out, thank you very much). why shouldn’t we all be handed kazoos and tambourines and maracas so we can help with the music, too?


You make a good point. If we can sing with the choir, why can’t we dance with the dancers?

For that matter, why can’t we play instruments from the pews?


AARGH! Don’t even think that! Some ‘liturgical directors’ will just take it as a sign of encouragement and approval if you do :frowning:


Great Idea!!!

I can not play anything worth a darn but i can make a joyful noise with my grade school recorder


:smiley: Me: I want to shoop-shoop up the aisle with the liturgical dancers, while slinging a hula hoop with the b-b’s in it.

Seriously, you know why we wouldn’t do it. But the idea, to get it to stop…


Yeah…don’t temp me. I could spend many of years in purgatory…not to mention what else…:smiley:


Oh, now THERE is a scary thought!

1000 people in church playing “On Eagle’s Wings” on their recorders!

Thanks for the nightmares, devotus!!!




Where are tyese liturgical dancers? I have yet to see one in my parish. How does one get started doing liturgical dancing? Paticular moves? Music? Brain in out of gear?


And how about those priests who make up their own words and prayers in the Mass? I’ve got one at my parish right now who has made the Mass unrecognizable and no one in authority has any desire to correct him, despite the complaints.

So how about making up our own responses to his own made- up prayers? (I won’t make any suggestions, but use your own imagination and start laughing.)

Talk about the Tower of Babel . . .

(God knows in my heart, I would never do such a thing, but it’s good for an emotional outlet! Dang it, I already feel guilty, what time do confessions start . . . )


Great idea! We can speak in tongues like the Pentecostals :smiley:


I once had to endure an Easter Vigil where the choir director insisted upon using synthesized sound effects to accompany the readings. So when the waters from the sky were separated from the waters one the earth, we heard “Drip, Drip, Drip”. I wanted to yell out, “Someone call a plumber to fix the leaky sky!” Instead, I just laughed out loud and chimed in with my own, “DRIP!” next time something about the waters were mentioned. Maybe I ought to have said, “I gotta go potty with all of these running waters!”

Oh, and I’ve been VERY tempted to use the little rocks in our holy water fonts during Lent to stone to liturgy committee during Mass.


In the early 70’s at my home parish, our music teacher/nun embraced the post-Vatican II freedoms, almost to an extreme. Unsatisfied with the assembly’s singing at a Sunday Mass, she actually STOOD in the front pew and waved her arms wildly to encourage and actually direct the singing. :eek: Apparently she was ahead of her time (or borderline cukoo) and may have restarted the ministry of the cantor. :smiley: Bless her feisty heart, she’s in her 90’s and wouldn’t dare stand on a pew anymore, although if she could, I’m sure she would.


Despite the angst against On Eagles Wings we see on this forum, there are many folks who love the song. Here I am Lord and On Eagles Wings are perhaps some of the best modern hymns.




And let’s not forget our devil costumes for the Halloween Masses!:thumbsup:


I stand by my conviction. At one time the tradition latin hymns were new! I have a funeral to attend and I hope we sing Here I am Lord and On Eagles Wings.
But, the asperges me, te deum, tantum ergo, veni creator spiritus are also awesome and should be used more often outside parishes using the 1962 missal.


Is this a hypothetical situation (liturgical dancers)? To echo a previous poster’s question, where are they? This has been a banned liturgical practice for some time, so I question where you personally witnessed this? (You-tube?)


This happened at my Church a few months ago. I complained and so did a bunch of others and it stopped.

We are going to LA Religious Congress and I am sure this will inspire them to start liturgical dancing again, as they will see that the Cardinal approves of it.

Here is a sample workshop that will happen this Friday at Congress,
3-01 Prayer in Motion
Here is a workshop for those involved in Dance Ministry. Learn how to weave prayer movement and ritual into liturgical celebrations. Reflect on the reverence, responsibilities and appropriateness that encompass this type of ministry. New music, new dances, new ideas – come prepared to dance!
Donna Anderle
Donna Anderle is a well-known liturgical dancer and choreographer who has served on the liturgy committees for several national associations and conferences. She co-founded The Good News Company, a touring group, and operates her own dance studio. She also teaches at the Cincinnati Ballet Company and at Northern Kentucky University. Presently, Anderle is Assistant Liturgy Director at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati.

There are plenty more, and then the thousands who come to this Congress go out with new ideas of how to bring this stuff to their parishes.

God Bless


How are we supposed to lead God’s people in this world, when we can’t even get our own act together?

Why, oh why didn’t the Holy See buy more land when the Vatican property was secured? How am I supposed to move there???

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