Full report of Women in Final Profession 2010


…from CARA, commissioned by the USCCB

is here:


A survey of 68 out of 79 women making final profession in 2010, a very high rate of response. Conducted by CARA, Center for Research in the Apostolate, headquartered at Georgetown University, felt to be the most relialel source of sociological research on Catholicism in the US. Sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It makes very interesting reading.

High points: a high degree of education and participation in parish life; relatively high percentage of Asians; relative high number went to Catholic elementary school;

And from the executive summary: “A total of 311 major superiors (84 percent of those responding) reported that they had no one professing perpetual vows in 2010, 46 major superiors (13 percent) reported one woman professing perpetual vows, and 12 major superiors (3 percent) reported two or more. The sisters and nuns who responded to the survey represent 52 religious congregations, provinces, or monasteries.”

The active communities were members of the LCWR or the CMSWR, the latter includes about 96 communities, including the Nashville and Ann Arbor Dominicans, SS Virgin Matara; Sisters of LIfe, CFR; Carmelites of Divine Heart; Carmelites Sacred Heart in Los Angeles; Carmelites of Aged and Infirm; Salesians: Daughters of St. Paul; Mercy of Alma; Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception; Franciscans of Christian Charity; Franciscans of the Eucharist; Little Sisters of the Poor; Franciscans of the Martyr St George and the teaching sisters of Nebrasa Marians of LIncoln and School Sisters of Christ the King.

Members of the CMSWR are listed here:


Responses also included about 12 contemplative communities.


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