Full Time Mission


I got a point for discussions… If you have a passion to serve god and his church as a full time missionary…But at the same time you cant do so because you have a responsibility of a family, house expenses to be paid which you cant ignore…What would be the possible thoughts and suggestions?


What most people would do in that case is give generously to a missionary organization that is doing what they would like to do themselves. Kind of a missionary by proxy.


Evangelize locally, in your parish. RCIA, Religious Education, Youth Group, Retreat Team, ACTS; there are numerous opportunities.



Maybe there is a way to do it part time instead? Like, for two weeks a year you go to a mission to help out, but the rest of the time you’re working your normal job?


Have you talked to your wife about this? Maybe the two of you can find some way to do it together part-time. Maybe you can work on the weekend at a city mission.

Alternatively, maybe God is telling you he wants you to do something else. There were a number of saints who wanted to be missionaries but didn’t get to do it for many reasons, including I’ll health, being female, or their superior deciding they were needed in their home country.


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