Full Time Missionaries


How does someone become a full time missionary?

What are the requirements to become one?

Can someone share some sites of organizations that hire full time missionaries and explain the issue further?

  • Thank you


These are all the missionary groups that I'm directly aware of. Glenmary's mission is particular to the South in the U.S. I believe the other 3 send missionaries all over the world. Missionhurst was responsible for sending the first 3 Catholic missionaries to Mongolia. One of them became the current Bishop.

All of them have priests and brothers who are missionaries, but I'm sure all of them also have lay people working alongside them. I hope this is a step in the right direction, I don't know very much about it myself, I just happened to have stumbled upon these groups in the past.






Maryknoll is a great group of Missionaries, they are the order i want to join


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