Full transcript of Joe Biden's first speech as president elect in his home

God loves you all. May God bless America and may God protect our church.

Most other transcripts say “…and may God protect our troops.” But I definitely heard him say “church”.

Any thoughts?

I am more interested in hearing him speak without a prepared statement.


I heard him say “troops,” as he has often done at the close of his speeches during the campaign.

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Surely you ask for too much.

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I distinctly heard him say, “Trunalimunumaprzure”.


I heard him say something I couldn’t understand more than once…


So did I. He said troops.

I just relistened on the video. He said “Church”, as Newsweek transcribed.

I suspect he may have planned to say “Troops” but his last paragraph was about his grandmother and God and so forth and I’m guessing “Church” was on his mind.

I bet that was the most excitement that poor ol’ run-down Wilmington has seen in decades.

Edited to add, I see where the confusion is coming from. In this speech to the nation, he said “Troops”.

In this speech at his Wilmington victory party, he said “Church”, at the end of a long discussion of “On Eagle’s Wings” and God and religion and his deceased son Beau and such.

You can bet that if Trump said anything about “May God Protect Our Church” the media would have apoplexy, but since Joe is Not Trump, then it’s okay, he can talk about Church all he wants.

You better be spreadin’ that Faith, Joe, or you gonna have to answer to your grandma!

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By the way, I just noticed this pretty funny transcript blooper from the part where Joe was quoting “On Eagle’s Wings”:

It goes like this: And he will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bury you in the breath of a dog, and make you shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand.

Did he actually say that?

No, Biden clearly said “Bear you on the breath of dawn” (see the Wilmington Victory Speech video I posted above, I set it to start right where he starts preaching at the end).
“On Eagles’ Wings” was apparently a hymn Beau loved, Joe wouldn’t mess it up.

Newsweek and its “editors” loused up the transcript.

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I just listened to it. I could see how they thought that’s what he said. :joy:


I’m gonna now think of that every single time I sing that song at church forevermore. :smile:

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Yep. Like I do with that Mr. Bean bit singing “All creatures of our God and King.”

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FYI, technically, Joe Biden isn’t president “elect,” yet.

Not until Trump concedes does he become, “elect.”

I know, it’s gonna happen, but as of now, he’s still candidate Joe Biden. :smiley:

He’ll probably be “Candidate Biden” for the next four years in that case


Whoops. I hope the rest of that transcription was a bit more accurate.

Something I did not know until today…the origin of the song On Eagle’s Wings:

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That’s really interesting. If it wasn’t recorded or published till 1979, it must indeed have exploded across the liturgical music landscape, because my high school Mass guitar group started playing and singing it in 1979 or early 1980. It was in our heavy rotation.

Yes indeed. I was in a college folk group in the mid 1970s and I can recall singing and playing this song which must have been right at the time it was released. At the time our repertoire was heavily Weston Priory and St. Louis Jesuits with sprinklings of Carey Landry and Sebastian Temple. . . Although we also ‘covered’ Anne Murray “You Needed me”, Simon and Garfunkle’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, and Debby Boone’s “You Light Up My Life”. . .

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