Fulton Sheen abortion prayer

Dumb question of the day. How do I spiritually adopt a baby to pray against abortion for if I dont personally know any that are in danger of being aborted?

God will assign you one. Just ask him.


I moved your thread to spirituality since it is a question and the prayer forum is only for prayers … you have a better chance of getting an answer in spirituality … God Bless


Okay thank you

I googled it and found there are a lot of churches that set this up for their parish … you may want to check with your local church.

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I honestly don’t remember where I read or “got” this from but I have been doing 2 rosaries worth of this prayer for several years now, it goes:

Oh dear Jesus, Mary and Joseph I love you very much, please protect and save the unborn baby I have spiritually adopted from the dangers of abortion"…

I will dig thru my old files and see if i can find where I found this at.
(If I am doing this is wrong please let me know!) :innocent:

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