Fulton Sheen and Mother Angelica


Got any favorite episodes of Fulton Sheen or Mother Angelica? Also any other show recommendations? :star2:


I would be interested to know also, Alexis T.


I’d be interested also if anyone has an episode they can particularly recommend. I’ve never watched anything with either of them, though, that hasn’t blessed me. :heart:


I’m afraid I’m no help. I like to watch the Mother Angelica episodes simply because I like watching her talk. She gets this look on her face that’s somewhere between matter of fact and skeptical and it reminds me a lot of my mother and a lot of people I knew back in Ohio growing up. It’s not a look you expect to see from a TV personality. She could be reading the phone book and I’d still like to watch her because she looks like somebody I’d want to have for a friend.


She is frank,straightforward ,witty, hilarious ,Faithful to the Catholic Church




I’ve got a podcast recommendation- Catholic Stuff you should know


Thanks…love her. I love her common sense, no-nonsense approach.


yes no hypocrisy,straight from the heart,she really means what she says



What do you think of Fr. Mike Schmitz ,not a show as such,but he covered many topic, and Life on the Rock



Mother Angelica will always be special to me. Her show is what started me on my return to the church. She’s one of the greatest Catholic evangelists of modern times. I still record and watch the reruns and they never get old. One thing that can be overlooked is how great of an interviewer she was. She would sit there without notes asking knowledgeable and interesting questions that brought the best out of her guests. And her follow up questions, comments and joking back and forth made for great television.


Here’s one I’d recommend.


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