Fulton Sheen on Netflix Download

If you have Netflix or are considering it, Netflix has a new service where members can download and view a limited number of movies on their computer. I was looking at the list today, and several Bishop Fulton J. Sheen videos are available.


Thanks for the tip! :thumbsup: I didn’t even think to search for Bishop Sheen’s programs.

We just ordered The Father Brown mysteries based on G.K. Chesterson’s character. We’re looking forward to that one too.

I heard recently that Bishop Sheen’s rating surpassed Milton Berle’s ratings at the time as the #1 show…and we all know ( well old timers know) how beloved Uncle Milty was.

He also beat out Uncle Milty for the Emmy one year…I heard he got up and thanked his writers…Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.:slight_smile:

Cute story - yes I had heard that also. Humble of heart.

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