Fulton Sheen's Characters of the Passion


Has anyone read this book?


I haven’t read it, but after going to Amazon and reading a few reviews of it I want to buy it!

I have read many books by Bishop Sheen and have never been disappointed. This one sounds great as well.

I hope he is proclaimed a saint soon!


How many miracles can he claim?


I believe there is one that is being investigated.


Yes. As with all his works. Awesome.
Also, try getting the video of his Good Friday presentation at St. Agnes Church. You can get it from Paulist Press. You will be moved to tears. I was fortunate to be there. It was my Parish at the time.


I just discovered this! brandonvogt.com/breaking-fulton-sheen-miracle-approved/



Well, one more to go- they’ll probably waive the third one.

His sainthood-quest might suffer from being associated with Charlie Sheen, however.


No joke Father Barron had a girl tell him she was googling Charlie Sheen back in his “wining” phase and found his Wikipedia page and she then found her way to his father Martin Sheen’s page and who ultimately found her way to a Fulton Sheen page and then she YouTubed him and started watching episodes of Life is Worth Living and is now in RCIA.


Its a great little book!


Thank you I will!


I posted this because Sheen wrote this book in 1947 and the chapter on Pilate reads like he wrote it a month ago, it’s freaky! I was wondering if anyone felt the same way?


I think the only connection between the Venerable Fulton Sheen and Charlie Sheen is that Charlie’s father. Martin Sheen, admired Fulton Sheen and took his stage name of Sheen in honor of him.


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