Fun Quiz on the Catholic Church

Time for a new quiz around here! This one test your knowledge on the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and if you know your TLM, you will pick up a few extra points.

I scored a lowly 15 / 20, but when I read this:

The average score for this quiz: 11 / 20

I felt a little better.

I only got 13 of 20, but that’s because my dumb self put “Stone” instead of “Rock” for Kephas.

I got 15/20 as well. I would have gotten 16 correct if I hadn’t misread one of the questions. :rolleyes:

That was fun! :slight_smile:

13/20 mostly for being stupid.

You scored: 19 / 20
Total points: 190
The average score for this quiz: 11 / 20

The only reason I didn’t get the full 20 was I misspelled commission. Great quiz.

You scored: 20 / 20
Total points: 200

I totally guessed on the Greek word one and the beeswax one–:smiley:

16/20 but I had a few lucky guesses.

18/20 - The Greek word for Our Lord’s miracles and the beeswax question got me. I honestly thought that the candles must be majority beeswax so I answered higher than the 51%. In all my years of Catholic education, I’ve never come across any definition of Our Lord’s miracles. Don’t recall it in the Baltimore Catechism.

You scored: 20 / 20
Total points: 200
The average score for this quiz: 11 / 20

Suprised since I had to guess on a few.

“You scored: 17 / 20”; should’ve had 18 / 20.


Screwed up on the square hat question. :banghead:

You scored: 18 / 20. I got the Church Council and the Feast of the Sacred Heart wrong.

I got 10/10 on this quiz:

:rotfl: I’ll bet you did! I got 0/10.

But tell me, what is that quiz doing in the trad forum???

**You scored: 5 / 20
Total points: 50
The average score for this quiz: 11 / 20

**I could do that quiz with my eyes closed.

Which one, the Catholic quiz or the football quiz?

With that score it looks like you did :stuck_out_tongue:

Phooey. I’d a got 0 on the football. Now, let’s have one on Cowboy TV shows n Movies, or horse breeds or readin cattle manure signs!

This was FUN!!! I only scored 17/20 not to bad for a convert huh!!!:extrahappy:

What’s more traditional than the Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field?

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