Fun theme parties for adults


Our group of friends enjoy a good party. We have several annual events that everyone looks forward to. My husband and I host a yearly shrimp boil during Lent - it’s a great time and the guest list grows every year as people hear about it and want to be included.

We also host a Christmas brunch for our closest friends and their families. It was strange this year because we had to coordinate it with all of our college age kids coming home for break. Our best friends all have the same age children who were Frosh last year. Does anyone else find that your friends are determined by the age and sex of your children?

About every 4 or 5 years, we have a “Beer Around the World” party. Our guests are assigned a country and are asked to bring a 6 pack of beer from that country, an appetizer that represents that country and make up a toast. When it’s your turn, you make your toast and we pass around dixie size sample cups of the beer. DH and I always assign ourselves the USA to make sure there’s some drinkable stuff there!!

Any other fun ideas for parties?



My friends and I used to have an Ides of March party when we were in college. The Ides of March was the day when Julius Caesar was killed, on March 15th. We ate chicken Caesar salads and drank Bloody Caesars. Mmm! :thumbsup:

We also had a Christmas tradition. Sometime in late November, we’d buy several bottles of half-decent sparking wines and toast all the good things that had happened to us that year. Then we got out our Christmas lists and wrote Christmas cards to everyone on the lists, remembering to mention at least one happy memory from the year in each card. By the time we reached the end of the bottle and the stack, we were very happy! Then we proofread them in the morning and marched out to the post box to mail the lot.

I suspect when I get married, I’ll do the same thing with the thank-you cards. I’ll get my husband, a bottle of Champagne (the real thing, because I’ll deserve it after the wedding), and a pile of thank-you cards, and we’ll toast the happy memories and write all the cards in one go.


I have a halloween party every year and for many years it was a Murder Mystery Party. Those were some of my favorite events!


I love it when my friends and I get together to play board games. Guesstures, Imaginiff, and Catchphrase are our favorites.


My mom and her husband do this several times throughout the summer at their house and it is always a HUGE hit!!!

Drama Night! Or, as she calls it, the Smith Dinner Theater! (no, they are not Smiths :wink: )

This is how the evening goes:

Everyone who is invited (usually no more than about 8 - 10 people) knows before hand to prepare some sort of theatrical presentation. It could be reading a scene from a play, reading poetry, singing, or acting out something from memory with props and costumes. It is totally up to the performer/guest how elaborate or simple they wish to be.

We all get together for a fantastic meal, then while dinner settles and we are having after dinner drinks, we all gather in their amazingly beautiful back yard near the fire pit which is the “stage”. :smiley: The torches are lit around the yard, and everyone is seated where they can see and are comfortable.

Then the entertainment of the evening begins! We will have an intermission if we need to, or just go from act to act. It is very casual!!

When everyone is done, we have dessert by the fire, and just relax for the rest of the evening.

Absolutely a total blast!!



Not to burst your bubble, but you’ll probably end up writing the thank-you cards without much help from hubby… :wink: :rolleyes:

Lots of cool party ideas here – I might have to use some of them! :smiley:


I didn’t figure he’d write them either, but he’ll probably join me in drinking the champagne while I write them… :rolleyes:

Either that, or I’ll handle the English ones while he writes the Tagalog ones. It’s only fair to write the ones in your own native language.


Yeah…Like a costume party and then you can PLAY the mafia game
I played it when I was a kid…(not too long ago) but its an incredibly violent game and very enjoyable if you get the right director…Adults have much fun playing it…or at least the priests who set it up were having fun…lol

“so-and-so was killed in a drive-by shooting”



Combine a “movable feast” with a “poker run”!

Plan five stops: cheese and fruit, appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert. Doesn’t have to be at five different houses, you can even move from your front porch, to living room, to back porch, to dining room and back to living room (just be sure to take your time to enjoy and don’t plan HUGE courses!) At each stop, every one pulls a card from a deck. At the end of the evening, the best hand wins whatever prize the host provides OR (if your friends like to gamble) make it a five-dollar buy-in to play!

This is a favorite of ours, especially since we have five couples living in fairly close proximity and we rotate the courses so everyone gets a chance to “host” (that’s the one with the dessert course, since that’s where the prize is awarded.)

Great fun!


Yeah, that sounds fair – if you don’t know the language, he has no excuse! Best wishes. :slight_smile:


when we lived in Cleveland friends threw a Kentucky Derby party each year, costumes were encouraged but not mandatory, and you could BYO if you could not stand sugar in your bourbon since the standard punch was mint juleps of course. highlight was watching the race, but party went on all day and evening.

these friends were renting an old carriage house at an estate in the eastern suburbs near the polo field, where they did have stables and horses, complete with white fences, so the setting was perfect


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