Fun thing--animals talk

There’s a legend that I learned as a kid that on “Christmas Eve” because the oxen and sheep were there to keep the Christ Child warm, the animals were given the privilege to speak on Christmas Eve.

All of you who have pets might enjoy this, and may like telling your children about this legend, although that may backfire and they may want to stay up all night to find out.

Well, I've tried to have a conversation with my cat upon returning from Midnight Mass, but neither of us knows what the other one is saying.

Well, cats are smart. He or she may be fooling you and think you"re "beneath" it to even say a word! Now, I have a blue/red heeler dog, and all he understands is food, particularly "cookie". However, I have a Nativity set on my lawn and he has been sniffing Mary and Joseph (Baby Jesus isn't in it till Christmas Eve).

My daughter has 3 cats and a dog, and believe me one of the cats believes that she is the owner of the house and the boss of the humans (and dog too).

A neighbor on the next block has a large nativity scene with a wooden stable and manger. He has Mary and Joseph there, but doesn't put Baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas. Once, when I was passing it, I saw one of the neighborhood stray cats lounging in the manger.

Obviously a considerate CATholic keeping the manger warm for the arrival of Christ so the baby would feel comfortable. :)

I also have the Nativity scene out minus the manger. I bet if I had put out the manger (without the baby Jesus) there would have been a stray cat in it!

I read where the Manger scene at St. Patrick's Cathedral has a Labrador Retriever at the manger scene. One of the priests owns a lab, and he says since shepherds have dogs guarding the sheep there probably was a dog or two at the stable.

I'm not a cat owner, but since cats do hunt mice, I think it's very possible there may have been a cat or two too.

Oh, that’s funny! :smiley:

there is a cute movie with Margaret OBrien as a child who is taught a similar legend by her mother, and what happens when she takes it literally: Tenth Avenue Angel

I remember hearing this on"Davey and Goliath." Sally told Davey.

I'll have to watch that movie then, the one with Margaret O'Brien.

I do think that the animals recognized Jesus as their Creator, so maybe they did talk. I'd like to think so, since when Jesus was crucified there was an earthquake and nature seemed to rebel.

I hope they kept him warm! My baby Jesus will go in the manger today, but I'm not expecting my large heinz 57 dog to be too interested!

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