Fun/unusual songs to cover on a ukelele?

I’ve always fancied doing a cover version, and I’m really wanting to bust my ukelele out of the wardrobe too.

So I’m wondering what songs people can think of that would be fun/unusual to play? I’m not too fussed as to genre.

And yes, I fail for playing the uke.

Try anything and everything you know! I’ve done every song in my songbook with uke. As long as I can find the chord, I can play it. Rock, folk, jazz, country, Catholic hymn, Baptist hymn. I’ve even put uke chords to Gregorian chant. :slight_smile:


Bach- Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started:thumbsup:

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Loving the suggestions so far…keep 'em coming!

Tiptoe Through The Tulips!

I was waiting for this…:smiley:

Sweet Child of Mine

Bad moon Rising


Sweet Georgia Brown

Steam Powered Aeroplane

Mack the Knife


Darkside of the Moon.


Highway to Hell


Stairway to Heaven

How about the Sleeping Beauty Waltz from Tchaikovsky? I think it would sound like a music box version and would work well. You could start with the edited Disney version and work up to the full composition if you really felt the call.

Now that I’m thinking music boxes-there was a song called Music Box Dancer back in the 70s that ought to sound fabulous on your ukelele. (Frank Mills is the composer) enjoy!

Nostalgic theme songs :slight_smile:

These make me happy! (Obviously they are done, but maybe for inspiration?)

Flintstones: :popcorn:


I Love Lucy :tiphat:

Indiana Jones :takeoff:

Winnie The Pooh :heart:

Andy Griffith :whistle:

Is it possible to do death metal on a ukelele? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or how about the kazookeylele. This is The final countdown lol makes me laugh every time.

Here are a bunch of songs arranged for ukulele:

Thanks everyone! Some of these suggestions sound AWESOME!

I’m now sorely tempted to find out. :smiley:

In the 80s there was a uke player called Frank Sidebottom (he wore a giant papier mache head) who did a version of the Sex Pistols’ anarchy in the UK - it was very funny. He did it in a sort of George Formby voice.

I’m a big George Formby fan, he had some great songs.

He he! Turned out nice again!

I’ve just been mucking around with some Erasure songs…this is going to be fun assuming I can make up my mind what song I want to do! :smiley:

The Irish Washerwoman

might not be unusual, but sounds like fun

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