Fun yet meaningful Easter gift (10 y.o. girl?)


Greetings, everyone! I just joined this Forum and am thrilled that it’s here. What a great resource for us all.

I am looking for a good Easter gift for my 10-year old god-daughter. She already has a rosary, a bible… I’m looking at crucifix necklaces right now.

Do you know of any “cool” gadgety-type Catholic items for that age range (10 year old who thinks she’s a teenager), like a Rosary on DVD / game etc. something for the iPod generation? If any of you know any kids that age range, even the ‘tweens’ stage, what are some of the things that are Catholic and that really resonate with them?

Thanks for sharing! God bless.:slight_smile:


Leaflet Missal has some cool stuff, as does Catholic Heritage Curricula.

In fact- Weight of the Mass may be really cool for her! There is even a free study guide on CHCweb so you two can discuss the book together.
King of the Golden City would be wonderful as well.
There are some awesome movies at Leaflet as well.


Since it’s an Easter gift, how about Resurrection Eggs, colorful plastic eggs with religious symbols inside and scripture verses that tell the story of Easter:

Book The Princess and the Kiss, about chastity in “fairy tale” format, run it by her parents first to see if they think she’s ready:

Books on lives of the saints, you could give her more of the series each year, so you don’t have to rack your brain next year about what to give her :smiley: :

Quiz books on the Catholic Faith:

Catholic board games and video games:

I say “Great job!” for staying involved in your god-daughter’s life and remembering her especially with religiously-themed presents. :thumbsup: I hate it when I ask someone to be a godparent for my child, and they never acknowledge that special relationship after the baptism. :mad:


Thank you so much! These are wonderful suggestions and such nice comments. It’s giving me a lot to research.

Have a great day, God bless!


How about a nice traditional type painting or icon, something she’ll think is nice now, and will keep it when she gets older?


How about a cool Catholic T-Shirt?

Another idea, Mark Hart’s new book “10 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know”.


I’m a big fan of personalized gifts no matter what age they are. My kids both appreciate art, so I like getting them little sculptures and nick knacks. The site I use is all recycled and has a variety of religious gifts and gifts for other occasions. You can personalize them with a card, engraving, numbers or whatever the occasion calls for.


Something my sister’s husband’s family does which I think is neat is this. They have an easter egg hunt, with a twist. All the eggs the kids collect, instead of having a prize inside has a question of faith in side (age appropriate). In order to get a prize (they offer varrying amounts of cash, you can offer whatever) they have to correctly answer the question of faith. Harder questions should get a bigger prize, easier smaller prizes. When I marry my fiance, and we have kids I think I want to suggest we make this our tradition too. It’s cute, and it helps the kids learn the real reason behind easter.


note thread date, March 2008.

And Easter is about 6 months away.


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