Fundamental difference of Islam.


I am of a reasonable enough mind to realize that the Lord God Almighty of ‘us’ and Allah of Islam, are views of what is the same thing. I simply am a little confused as to the idea that Allah has created the earth divinely from Eden on. As a person it would be most awesome to except this, as I would love the idea of complacency. But unfortunately I think existence on earth is a damnable, and that once you realize this you suffer from then on. Once you no the truth of what it is to be a Christian, you simply can’t bring yourself to be angry, or pompous, or even happy. You look around and all you see is the same lifelessness everywhere; it is like positive and negative integers. Gratification becomes mourning, because what is gratifying on earth will bring suffering to the conscience, it is all hell. The only hope you have resides in spirit; anticipating the comforter and the hope that one day we will again be able to live without our eyes being opened. (The feeling of love is an emotion, some people feel it more than others. Some people love much, but not really with feeling, but instead simply wishing well and being upset that people suffer. Both are forms of love and both hurt; Christ honors both.)



We Ahmadi Muslims don’t think that Eden was a place in heaven where Adam and Eve were the first human being created. Adam was not the frist human created but he was the first remarkable/perfect person with whom GodAllahYHWH conversed directly. Men women existed before Adam as other animates and animals existed and evolved on earth. That does not mean that Adam evolved from an Ape, no, as an ape evolved from an ape, so man evolved from man.

Adam never sinned, he was a perfect man, yes he made a mistake, that is why it is said to err is human. Adam repented and asked forgiveness from GodAllahYHWH and He forgave him, nevertheless Adam had to shift from the place he was living in previously so that he was not harmed by the persons/tribes/(family tree of) people with whom he was forbidden to keep social contact with, so he had to move elsewhere alongwith his family.

Happiness comes from serving GodAllahYHWH to attain goals that He has set for us, to take refuge in his attributes.This is what I understand, others are free to differ with me, and they are welcome.


The ultimate truth about Jesus is that he died in Kashmir, a natural and respectful death.


It seems you have a skewed perspective on christianity. What you describe is not remotely what the faith is about.

Our faith is NOT a list of prohibitions, guilt trips and humiliation. It is the joy of knowing that we are loved by the Creator, and that by His Grace, we will be healed of our brokenness and live joyfully forever with Him. This does not in any way require a rejection of pleasure or happiness in this life, just a recognition that those are not the GOALS of this life. The idea that the physical world is entirely evil is incompatible with christianity and is one of the very early heresies soundly condemned by the early fathers.

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