I grew up Baptist, but in my adult christian faith, kept running into all of this fundamentalism. It was so crazy. I had this rebirth in Christ at age 23, was in love with Christ and kept running into ‘theology of hate’ masquerading as christianity. They could quote lots of scripture, but where was the love of Christ?. I searched lots of churches and nearly lost my faith and went into this black hole.

It was a catholic friend who reached into that hole and pulled me out. So I went through RCIA and became Catholic. In some ways I did not believe some of the things my catholic friends did, but I was loved and accepted. I loved the Mass and especially the Eucharist, because I could feel Christ was there.

The only thing was that my close friends went to different services, so that was difficult.

Then I got married and my husband had heard things about Catholicism that just were not true, and he would not attend the catholic church. So now I go to a baptist church with him and the minister is very nice, but it really is not the same.

I like what that minister is doing, reaching out to the poor, and most of the church budget goes for that, he gets little, but communion, which is what protestants call eucharist is not the same, there is no meaning in it, without the real presence.

So, yes there are nice christian protestants, but they do not understand catholics and I do not think that catholics understand them. I am in a new town now where I can find a place where I can go to mass, also, I am hoping. It may seem silly to go to both places, but I do want to go to church with my husband, too.

So, it was the bible thumpers I hated, and to be honest, they have hurt christianity and chased many away, IMO.

Even though I think that there are some problems in the catholic church worldwide, the catholic churches I went to were just right and those problems did not exist in those catholic churches and the priests in the churches I went to were wonderful and very christian…And, of course there are problems in many protestant churches too. It is too bad that there is a division kind of like ‘people in glass houses should not throw stones’. It is kind of late, but just to say I think the catholic church is fine.


Hello, Laura:) I hope you find a parish soon.I converted in 94’ and I can not imagine being anywhere else.Go to confession take the Holy Eucharist and offer it up for your husbands conversion into the fullness of faith.You know what you have been missing,you husband has never experienced that fullness.God Bless you and I hope and pray you find a parish soon

Thanks Lisa. I do love what the baptist minister is doing, but I also know that the value of the eucharist is so profound, there is nothing like it. The first time I took it, the priest was liberal and allowed me to partake when I was not yet catholic, and in the twinking of an eye, ‘I believed’. In spite of all my previous protestant teaching, it was obvious Christ was there. And even though the protestant theologians do not believe in transubstantiation, even they know that Christ is there, and that the protestant church overall has lost that.


Hello silberbullet :wave:

In my experiences, the non-Catholics that I know insist that Christ is there in their communion in their church because they believe it. Never mind that the person in front of them or behind them in line doesn’t believe it or even their pastor :whacky:

I’ve never met anyone willing to admit that they left Christ behind in the Catholic Church.


Sorry I spelled your name wrong in that last post.

I hab a bad cold :smiley:

Hey Laura.

Just a thought, it is nice that you want to attend church with your husband but he will have a better opportunity to see what the Church does in you and how it affects you if you are active in a parish.

We can reach our spouses through example. It can take some time but is well worth it. My husband was reluctant to discuss the Catholic Church when I realized that I wanted to come home, which dates back to our time in a ‘non-denom’. But you know now he is so thankful every day that he also came home to Rome, it has strengthened our marriage and family life. We are better parents and so much more content. Hard to explain it.

My advice is to quietly be the example. And it doesn’t hurt to leave copies of Rome Sweet Home lying about…

God bless,


God bless you Laura…Keep strong, we are with you.

New bird in a new place that website will help you out greatly. The best way to start is to just start going to mass. I find that is the best place to start and often the rest will start to fall into place after that. :o)

There is a nice parrish near by and I went saturday and today I talked to the priest.The Father is also wonderful. He is what I call ‘seasoned’, having time as a priest and maturity and the holinesss that that maturity brings. It seems I have this matter of annulments to clear up on both sides. My side is easier to clear up because marriage and divorce prior to becoming catholic was a matter of myself being an active addict and addiction/abuse in marriage, etc.

My friend reached down into my dark hole in 1990(confirmed in 1992) and pulled me into the church and out of addiction at the same time.

But my husband was previously married so his has to be annuled too and his situation , I think may be a little tougher to get that through. So I am just going to mass and trusting God for the outcome because nothing is impossible with God.

It isn’t just the eucharist but the whole mass that was always a nearly ‘mystical’ experience for me. And I have found that no where else, no matter how good the sermons are. Every ritual in Mass from the signing of the cross, to every word spoken by the priest and the community, to the eucharist; all of it enriches me beyond belief.

In essence, even if I cannot take eucharist right now, I would rather go to Catholic mass than to go to another church and take their communion which for me has no meaning and I do not feel Christ.

The reason I am in this situation now is because I was a convert and I did not understand some of the rules of the church, canon law and all of that, so will just get through it. At the time I was confirmed I never was going to get married again so what little I did know did not seem to be an issue. Before I remarried, I had gotten away from church for a year or so, so I forgot what it meant if I ever married again.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.


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