Fundamentalist Christian websites?


I like reading fundamentalist conspiracy sites for fun… I already know about but what about some other ones? If you know any interesting/funny/ridiculous ones, what are they?


From typical examinations of conscience under the First Commandment:

  • Did I put my faith in danger-without a good reason-by reading a book, pamphlet, or magazine that contains material contrary to Catholic faith or morals?

That should tell you the prudence of visiting such sites.


Why would you even consider recommending websites opposed to the Catholic Church?


Just don’t. They might be funny at first, but it’ll eventually start to undermine your faith in your fellow human beings. At least that is what happened to me after watching enough SJW-roasting videos on YouTube.


This. And if it makes you feel superior to them, that’s Pride. As in, one of the 7 Deadlies.


Why would you link to such a website here?
It consistently insults and misrepresents not only Catholic teaching, but Lutheran and others. I do not find it funny at all


That one isn’t funny


I don’t think we should be laughing at other faith groups.


I’ve never quite understood this train of thought when I have read it before.

Shouldn’t our faith be defendable enough on it’s own merit to counteract anything we may be exposed to elsewhere (websites, books, youtube etc)?

The idea that we shouldn’t pursue in any way material that contradicts the faith seems to suggest that there is something justifiably fragile with our faith.

Example: If I am genuinely baffled and/or disturbed by why some Christian denomination rejects the Eucharist as being truly the Body and Blood of Jesus, why would it be wrong for me to read material defending the Christian denomination’s perspective?

If I were swayed (or even if the potential for me being swayed) by this material, then it would suggest I need a deeper study into the Real Presence.

The implication that learning what others believe is a bad thing, doesn’t say too much about the validity of what we believe.

Baffled by the concept.


It should, but it often isn’t. SO SO SO many Catholics’ faith are so weak that these sites are literally a danger to them. You may find that you might need a study on the Real Presence. So many others will leave the Catholic Faith altogether.

Apologists do need to study these things. Not all Catholics do.


I certainly see your point. However, it illustrates laziness on the part of the fragile Catholic. All Catholics should exercise intellectual honesty. They should investigate all that matters, then make an informed decision. Otherwise it would seem the faith is shallow.

But I do see your point. Just find it a bit troubling.


There is a guy called Jack T Chick who does evengelical cartoons and they are so upsetting I actually sought the help of a Methodist minister ( I was Methodist at the time) and asked for prayer to take them out of my mind. I’m slightly triggered even writing his name please don’t go near them. Not good


I found those. They are depressing


I have lasting damage due to them seriously. :frowning:


the site doesn’t allow feedback, it is all his way or the internet highway

you have to wonder about someone who uses an english translation bible as an infallible source

did i miss a forum to debate the obvious errors?


Well I have read that FBI agents assigned to counterfeit money squad do not firstly study counterfeit bills. They look at real money over and over again, for days. Then, when a phony bill is introduced, they spot it right away.


Yes powerful…just like I sometimes struggle enjoying a nice swim in the ocean because of the movie Jaws…lol…?

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