Fundamentalist Pastor fired in Scandal

Jack Schaap Fired From First Baptist Hammond Church Reportedly for Adultery
Megachurch Pastor Investigated; Accused of Affair With Teen Girl

Megachurch pastor Jack Schaap of First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana has been fired for an undisclosed “sin” and it has been revealed that the church and an affiliated college is being investigated by local authorities as well as the FBI. An extra-marital affair, possibly with a teenager, might be the reason for Schaap’s dismissal, according to various sources.


Not sure I parse your OP correctly. Are you saying that Jack T. Chick has died? I haven’t noticed any news stories.

Sorry, I meant Jack Hyles, not Jack Chick.
I’ll see if I can get the mod to correct it.

Sigh. Highly unfortunate to be sure, but at least his church removed him.

Unless it is the Catholics involved with pedophilia it goes largely ignored by the media in general.

There was a youth minister at the huge “church of Christ” in a nearby city, he and a 13 year old girl ran away to Los Vegas. They were caught and returned to home, the minister was fired and that was the end of it.

But what would have happened if it had been a priest instead of a Campbellite preacher. I it would have been front page news everywhere.

Very sad, we should pray for his soul. And perhaps the individual who was victimized even if we don’t know the exact details.

That is because of the recent history of the offender not being fired but being transferred into another job.

To add on about the time I started going to church I got my first computer and google message boards where still going strong. sowhen I googled Foursquare I noticed everytime it was mentioned somewhere in the thread was this guy going on about some Foursquare youth pastor who ran off with his wife. I don’t know if he let go of his anger, passed away or was banned by newer message boards but he was always there.

In the Catholic Priest scandel cases the same thing has to happen for it to get out of the news. The victims will have to pass away and/ or forgive and the bishops invovled will have to retire before the press lets go of their bone.

I am of the opinion that anyone shining the Light and leading people closer to God are going to be under spiritual attack. I heard from a source that I trust (but I actually have not pulled up the data myself) that pastors suffer a divorce rate that is quite high (as high as 50%?) I chalk those up as points for the side of evil.

In my experience, the public is quick to believe sexual scandals involving clergy. I had a very dear friend fired over such a rumor that was completely unsubstantiated and no way to prove one way or the other. I don’t want to be the one letting a guilty pastor off scot free, but I do wish that the court of opinion would wait to pass judgment until all the evidence is heard.

From the article cited above

At this time, we deeply regret the need to announce that First Baptist Church has dismissed our pastor, Dr. Jack Schaap, due to a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor.

Anyone else think the language they used here is strange?

And then when the media gets a hold of Catholics in sexual abuse, they lie and say that it’s all pedophilia when in fact that is a very small percentage of it, and the vast majority was ephebophilia and homosexual sex with adolescents. Because pedophilia creates fear and sells newspapers; ephebophilia and homosexuality are perfectly healthy and acceptable for modern polite society. :eek:

Not sure how many people here realize the history of Hyles-Anderson “College” and the First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana. Let me simplify it:

  1. They are Independent Fundamentalist Baptist of the most radical kind. These aren’t the poor misled kids of Jerry Falwell"s Liberty University. They are KJV-only, viciously anti-Catholic and “soul winning”. Chick tracts are their specialty.
  2. Jack Hyles the founder had a bizarre philosophy of “soul winning” that sold Jesus like a widget at a hardware store. In the 1990s he was involved in a sex scandal that split the KJV onlies into several sub camps. In 2001, at the time of Hyles death, 20,000 people were attending church services and Sunday school each week.
  3. Hyles-Anderson College has produced more sexual predators than any other school you can name. The cases are documented and can pulled up online by anyone. Hyles’ son, David Hyles had his own sex scandal and left the ministry
  4. Hyles’ successor was his son-in-law Jack Schaap. His bizarre theology has forced many to distance themselves and their churches from him. Now this scandal, admitted by Schaap, is their latest adventure.

I posted this link not to dance on Schaap’s grave or watch gleefully as another fundamentalist preacher and church goes down. It is a news story and is currently all over the web and TV because its considered a “mega-church”.
You see, I have known a few of victims of HAC. I watched thier faith destroyed, I watched many turn to atheism and dive deep into sin. Several years ago I spoke to a lady who was the victim of one of these predetory HAC preachers. At middle-age she is still picking up the pieces of her shattered life. I can tell you this, HAC churches have produced more aheists than preachers.
I say to anyone here who has a friend or loved one who goes to a church pastored by a HAC preacher to pray for them. For God’s protection on them. Because they will need it.

The victim is a 16 year old girl. The FBI is investigating his taking her across state lines.
The police are investigating to see if other teen girls were involved.

So much for it is a Catholic problem. I have said it and will continue to say it: ALL faiths have their set of scandals.

I’d amend that to all HUMANS have their set of scandals. The reality of the situation is that sexual predators are rampant in our society. This is why clergy, coaches, teachers, counselors and even family members use their positions of authority to coerce sex when they can force an opportunity.

The media keeps playing this story as isolated individual events, but has so far refused to face up to the fact that something in our CULTURE is producing this tsunami of predators. Perhaps because they don’t want to face up to the reality that disconnecting sex from marriage and procreation has opened a total Pandora’s box the like of which western civilization hasn’t seen on this scale in a long time (and has forgotten how to deal with).

Precisely! It is a human problem all cross the board.

What is ephebophilia? That one is new to me.

I had to look it up too - a homosexual attraction to adolescent males

For anyone interested in the history of HAC fundamentalism I recomend:
Blog on the Way. (no friend to Catholics, but she documents abuse cases in the IFB world).
There is also a Facebook page for victims called Do Right Hyles-Anderson.

Reportedly (from an audio of the Wednesday night service) church officials are asking victims to come to them, no mention of going to the police to report abuse.


My Church teaches me that those that are Baptized in the Trinity are members of the OHCAC. In that regard Dr. Schaap has not fulfilled his duty to the flock. More importantly Dr. Schaap has a family.

On June 1, 1979, he married Mrs. Cindy Schaap. Dr. and Mrs. Schaap have been married for 28 years and now have two children, Jaclynn and Kenny.

Dr. Schaap has disgraced the body of Christ. Dr. Schaap has failed his flock. Dr. Schaap has caused Mrs Schaap and Jaclynn and Kenny his children undue and unearned suffering.

Dr. Schaap should ask for forgiveness. We should forgive him. We should pray for his wife, the family and pray that the person involved in this failure does not see Christianity as a mockery, as a result of the actions of Dr. Schaap.

We should all recognize that Christianity and this ecclesial body have been caused undue and unearned pain. It will take time for healing of all.

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