Fundamentalist secularism threatens U.S., warns ambassador to the Holy See (CNA)

(CNA).- The U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Mary Ann Glendon, warned in an article published by the L’Osservatore Romano that fundamentalist secularism that excludes faith from public life is threatening the United States and is an attack on so-called “positive secularity” and individual freedoms.

In her article, Glendon recounts how Church-State relations have played out in the U.S. since the 19th century, and the recent visit to the country by Pope Benedict XVI, during which the Pope warned of the need to strengthen relations. While in the U.S., Pope Benedict encouraged Catholics to bring their faith into the public square as an explicit way of living out and strengthening freedom.

Glendon went on to note how the 1962 Supreme Court decision outlawing prayer in schools was part of a “secularism that sought to eliminate all vestige of religious faith from public institutions in the United States.”

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Glendon went on to note how the 1962 Supreme Court decision outlawing prayer in schools was part of a “secularism that sought to eliminate all vestige of religious faith from public institutions in the United States.”

How regrettable that a US ambassador would be so ignorant of the law. Prayer is not now, and never has been, “outlawed” in schools.

Children are free to pray, as are teachers, so long as they don’t impose on others, or interfer with educational activities. My daughter did an “at the flagpole” prayer with friends, and no one objected. For good reason; it’s perfectly legal, and no one could stop her.

What was banned was government-sponsored prayer. Quite rightly; government has no business promoting religion. Remember, if the government has the right to promote religion, it has the right to outlaw it.

Not a good idea, according to the Founders, who certainly knew what established religion looked like.

No public expression of faith is allowed in the public schools near us. Crosses, bibles and other religious items are to be left at home or in the car if you are a teacher or student.

No prayer prior to a game or assembly is allowed.

How is this freedom of religion?

Is this not secularism as the only state sponsored religion?

I think so.

The word Fundamentalist should be applied to the current version of secular atheism being promoted in the United States. While saying there are no absolutes, it has to be recognized that secularists view that as being absolute. The ACLU, while claiming to protect religious freedom, has actually been removing religious paintings, depictions of the Ten Commandments and other religious symbols from locations where they have been for decades. In the alternative, they have demanded the Nativity be placed with plastic Santas and reindeer, thereby placing it as being equivalent to any other Christmas decoration.

In one town near where I live, it is legal to play religious Christmas music on speakers mounted on storefronts facing sidewalks but illegal to include the words (instrumental only).

Religious freedom has been replaced with an encroachment by others who wish to impose their lifestyle. The most vocal among them ask for tolerance but this ‘tolerance’ is only one way. We must tolerate them but they cannot tolerate us.

But this has been played out before. Demonize the enemy (Christians), make provocative and emotional claims (a Theocracy is right around the corner), embrace a false sense of modernism to “explain” why things have changed ( “Why did things change? It’s the '90’s.”), all the while promoting an agenda that is only about one thing: shaping this country into their image and likeness. We, the secularists, are right and you’re wrong. And we’re going to pass laws to coerce Christians.

The Ambassador is correct. America will have to abandon the campaign to destroy the family. Young human beings will have to be exposed to role models other than gangstas and foul-mouthed comedians/celebrities/TV shows, and shown how to live as self-controlled people in a peaceful community. That hard work and dedication are important. And that religion is a valuable component and a source of practical lessons about living.


The ambassador is correct. Our nation is rapidly going downhill as far as morals are concerned, and it is due to secularism, which more and more is invading our society. It is the biggest danger this country faces!

I bet secularists don’t often hear themselves called ‘fundamentalists’. I bet they hate it! :smiley:

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