Fundamentalists and Pharisees: Similarities


here’s the link to the article, followed by its summary points:


The main points:
]First Primary Comparison: External Sacramental Salvation vs. Sacramentless* Salvation
*]Second Primary Comparison: If people are suffering, it is usually because they are in sin (both OT and NT Pharisee)
*]Third Primary Comparison: Literalism[FONT=Verdana] v[/FONT]
*]Fourth Primary Comparison: OT Pharisee blasphemes Christ, the New Adam, NT Pharisee blasphemes Mary, the New Eve
*][FONT=Verdana]Fifth Primary Comparison: Self-righteousness[FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/FONT]
*]*Conclusion: St. Paul’s Conversion is a type of the future Reunion of Christians *(return of all non-Catholics to Catholic Church) [/LIST]


What a very interesting article. I never heard about that story (I am not trying to say that it is not true using the word “story”) with the man planning to kill the Pope.

I was still a member at a particular website that is for fundamentalists who love to bash the Church I would consider posting it there and see how they would respond.

Thatnk you for that.

God speed.



You’re welcome and thank your kind words. I read the story initially in Michael Brown’s book, the Final Hour, a compilation of apparations over the last two hundred years or so. An EWTN Q and A expert confirmed the story, so, from what i know, it’s true. Please note, though, that I am paraphrasing from memory, so there may be minor inaccuracies in my quotations. But the essential jist is there.

thank you for commenting, Vigis.



It is an interesting article but I am confused as to the meaning of this section:

. **NT Pharisee: Inner Renewal alone makes on righteous, and inner renewal is NEVER mediated through Rituals. Rituals can never be a means of grace. The OT Pharisee considers himself righteous merely because he practices external rituals, regardless of any inner disposition towards God. The NT Pharisee, while rightly understanding that inner disposition is the thing that matters, nevertheless attacks virulently the notion that inner renewal is ever mediated through a physical sign (i.e., a Sacrament). **

I’ve read that twice and I just can’t seem to comprehend what this means. I must be particularly ignorant day today.:blush:
Could someone explain it a bit differently?


OT Pharisees, if you’ll recall, were “whitewashed tombs” - outwardly they appeared to be doing everything right, going through all the motions, but inside they were dead, spiritually. They went through the motions and they lacked the inner heart turned toward God in faith. They thought they were “in” because they followed the rules.

NT Pharisees, see no spiritual value in going through ANY motions. It’s not so much a similarity as a paradox. NT Pharisees disdain sacraments because they don’t believe they need anything tangible for God to bestow His Grace.

Does that help or just confuse you more?


That helped tremendously!! Thanks!!:thumbsup:


Do ya figure this guy started this blog cuz he was sick of hearing the comparisons of pharisees and their traditions to that of the CC???


You are probably right, though I think that may have been just a small reason among many.

God speed.



Yes! Couldn’t have said it better myself! :thumbsup: :smiley:


Even when I was a Protestant I found myself comparing extreme fundamentalists to pharisees for many of the same reasons that this man states.

The church that I went to was very big on rules. Of course they caught you in a strange catch-22. If you were a real Christian then you would simply accept all these rules. Anyone who questioned wasn’t actually saved to begin with.

I do think that a lot of the extreme fundamentalists are overly legalisitic and don’t seem to have a balance between inner faith and actions.


the man is me! I am spauline on CA forums, I am scott p in the blog!


Yeah!!:smiley: :extrahappy:

Good article


Very good article. :thumbsup:

The only part I’m unsure of is the part about the Italian named Bruno who wanted to murder the pope. I never heard of this before. Not that I don’t believe you but do you have the source for this or is it just common knowledge that I’m unaware of?


see above: I got it from michael brown’s book, the final hour. An ewtn q and a expert also confirmed it.


see above: I got it from michael brown’s book, the final hour. An ewtn q and a expert also confirmed it. don’t know if it’s common knowledge though.


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