Fundamentalists and the Marriage is holy thing

Has anyone noticed this phenomenon recently–

As part of the defense of marriage movement and in response to the gay marriage debate, many fundamentalists have been proclaiming that marriage is something holy, for life, must be only between one man and one woman, instituted by God, etc.

My point is that in defense of marriage they have been using language and terms that make marriage sound almost like a SACRAMENT (not that they’d actually use that word to describe marriage). Because they would generally deny that sacraments have any role in grace (faith being all that is necessary), why should the act of marrying be regarded any differently with respect to the dispensation of grace. At best, logically, shouldn’t the fundies see marriage as just another sign or symbol, so to speak, but it cannot infuse grace onto the soul (as that would contradict their view of imputed righteousness). Also, just as one can be rebaptised, logically, can’t one remarry as well? It’s a stark inconsistency for them I believe that someone should point out.

I wonder if that might be a means of getting them to see that baptism, for example, could also be a means of grace as well.

Ex opere operato. Any thoughts…

I object to being called a romanist, I am Catholic. I also object to Fundamentalist being called Fundies. It is as objectionable and as prejudiced as the other term. Although I see the term was changed in your title, it is still in your post. Grow up and leave your prejudice behind.

You’re over-reacting. Fundies is simply a shorthand way of referring to fundamentalist. Saves typing.

Ruggsy, it’s just part of the culture around here. Do you remember the “Chip & Dale” cartoons about the chipmunks? They’d be fleeing a predator at top speed and, when they got to the entrance of their hole, they’d stop and engage in a conversation sort of like this:

“After you.”

“Oh, no; after you.”

“No, please; after you.

“Oh, I insist; after you.”

“I know: let’s go together!

And they’d join hands and jump down the hole just before the predator caught them.

Somehow that level of politeness has become de rigeur in these forums. Although it doesn’t offend me in the least to be called a fundie, I only get one vote.

And, in answer to your questions, it’ll do you no good to look for consistency regarding marriage. Despite their cries of “sacred,” 95% of them will never correct their belief that divorce and remarriage are permissable. “Hey, when I said it was sacred, I didn’t mean it was that sacred.”

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