Funeral for a friend- Maybe I Am lyrics

I’ve loved this song for quite a while, however the other day it occurred to me that it may have an anti-catholic line in it, below are the lyrics for the first verse:

Maybe I’m a pessimist
What if all the gray clouds in the sky
Would follow me home tonight?

Maybe I’m an atheist
What if there’s no God waiting to meet me
At the end of the working week?

Full lyrics are here:

I’m afraid to listen to this song and many others such as Green Day’s ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ as I fear it may be wrong to listen to in the eyes of God. I’m not listening to them to offend God, I’m listening to them because I enjoy the song overall.

Can someone shed some light on the situation regarding specifically these and similar songs? Thanks.

Try not to listen to anything that you wouldn’t want Jesus to be in the room with you when you listened to it. :thumbsup:

Great advice, Meaghan! If we could all remember to do that in every aspect of our lives, we’d all get to heaven, for sure!

I recall an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where Mr Carlson defended John Lennon’s son ‘Imagine’ based on the fact thet it said ‘imagine no religion’.

In this case the composer says… maybe… does that give him a free pass… I don’t know but I can see the case for it.

Is there no sin in “what if”? I’m not sure… but, I don’t think so… one of the greatest gifts of Catholicism as it relates to education is deep thinking and the scientific method… there is a line… but it’s not so easily defined…

I tend to agree with Jimmy Akin that this is not necessarily the best calculus for determining what is appropriate behavior. If Jesus were in the room, I wouldn’t be listening to any music. I would be prostrate in adoration. :wink:

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