Funeral for friend at my old church


Hi everyone,
It's a LONG story... and it's ugly. I am attending a funeral for a friend who attended my old church. It's an Assembly of God. When I became a Catholic it was really really hard and I lost a lot of friends.

Long story short... please pray for me. I haven't stepped foot in that church in a long time. There was a lot of hurt involved. I need God by my side today. I need to be there for myself...though I know it's not about me at all.

Please keep me in prayer!



Prayers for you!


Yes… prayers for you… I’m sorry you had to go through that. :frowning:


Praying for you.


This must be really hard for you…prayers!


Thank you all for your prayers! The funeral went well and I was able to be of service and not focus on myself. Just knowing that you were all praying for me gave me such Grace from God to just be there for the family.




Glad it went smoothly, Tundramom. May God embrace your friend in eternal rest.


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