funeral money?

Merry Christmas to all!

I’m not yet fully Catholic, but am in RCIA and will coming into the Church this Easter, and my (protestant) dad loves to pose q’s to me and other people of faith around him. Anyway, some friends of his were saying they were at a Catholic funeral, and a wake (or something similar) before the funeral and they said a priest was there asking for money “to increase the chances of the person going to heaven”…at least that’s how it was said to my dad.

I’ve heard of indulgences, and the ones that Martin Luther fought against, but had never heard of what sounds to be a similar practice in modern times.

does this sound true, or might you know anything about this?


I know that there were bad people who sold indulgences but I think that your dad’s friend may have been kidding around, this hasn’t been okay for years.
If it were, things might be easier for Catholics because who wouldn’t save enough money to get into Heaven! It beats trying to live a good life!

I hope that the people the priest asked for money reported him to the Bishop!

even if this happened. two plus two is still four. this means no matter what a priest or anyone does wrong the church still contains all truth.

I heard a priest was secretly an assassin, this is not Catholic teaching, just like the common slander you will hear about Catholics the more you talk about it with non-catholics.

Don’t worry about it, it is common for people to say half-truths, misrepresentations and even outright lies about the Catholic Church. It makes them feel better about not being Catholic and is enjoyable.

I sometimes like to bash protestants when I am talking to them as it might get them to try and defend the faith. This is mostly with my friends with whom I banter sometimes about the faith.

God Bless

You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone about me! :eek:

I would be shocked if this were true. What might have happened is that the family of the deceased gave a donation to the priest or the parish. This is not unusual for a wedding or a funeral, but it is not required, especially if the family is without means.

You are going to find that their is alot of misinterpretations about the church and some of these are not inocently made. Just remember, even if a priest does something sinful as a human being, that in no way takes away the truth of the catholic faith.

Good luck with your study and welcome home!

So dad has catholic envy or hate, do you know which?
For envy invite him to the church in any or every capacity.
For hate tell him one item at a time you can find out the truth about catholics.

That’s how these stories always go. It was a “friend of a friend” who “heard” something “somewhere”.

Never a specific story where facts can be checked.

That adds up to: I don’t believe a word of it.

If it doesn’t sound true it probably isn’t. I would not believe it at all.

Catholics will often give a $5 donation to have a mass said for a beloved deceased family member or friend. Offering a mass for a friend will lessen his punishment in purgatory. However, you can also do many things that don’t involve money to help the holy souls of purgatory. I offer the irritating pain of my sinus headaches.
You can give a sacrificial donation to the Church or a charity as penance for the our beloved dead, but money doesn’t get you into heaven any more than spreading anti-Catholic lies. I also have to seriously doubt your father’s story because it sounds more like a throwback to the days of yore when corrupt Catholic clergy would encourage the faithful to buy their way into heaven or out of temporal punishment. Sacrificial donations should be done so your left hand doesn’t know what your right is doing, and i don’t think it proper for a priest to outright solicit money for the dead. I think it’s supposed to be your idea at the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
Hope this helps.
P.S. Congrats on your RCIA progress!

Clarification: It’s the Mass, not the money, that helps the souls in Purgatory.

The money is merely a nominal stipend to the Church to defray costs of the extra Mass.

When a person dies, he is judged (the Particular Judgment) and his eternal fate determined, either he is bound for Heaven or for Hell. No amount of money will increase his chances of going to Heaven, if he has been judged as bound for Hell. If, however, the person is judged as bound for Heaven, he may need to be purified of his inordinate attachments to creatures (the temperal punishments due to his sins) in Purgatory before entering Heaven but everyone in Purgatory eventually goes to Heaven. Those in Purgatory may be assisted in the purification process by our prayers, fastings and almsgivings (charitable giving).

So, at most, charitable giving in the name of the deceased person may increase the chances of that person, who has already been judged as bound for Heaven, of getting there in a more timely manner, sooner than later.


thanks for all your responses here. i will send them on to my dad, and also challenge him to find out exactly who said what, etc.

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