Funeral of Terence MacSwiney -Archive Footage

As I know we have plenty of Irish-American and Irish posters:-

Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of the Lord Mayor of Cork Terence MacSwiney in Brixton Prison whilst on hunger strike.


My friend’s aunt was somehow related to him, and very proud of the fact! :slightly_smiling_face:

I should imagine he would be, he is a major figure in the 20th century Irish revolutionary period.

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Thank you for posting that, @JharekCarnelian.
The music was a very good choice. Any idea what it is?

This is his grave below:-


Bean Dubh An Ghleanna - by Liam O’Flynn, according to the info on YouTube.


Thank you!

I think I have a poem about Terence MacSwiney from a Brian Higgins book. I will post it if I can find it.

Was that his cap on top of the coffin? Any significance to it?

Music was beautiful! A good turn out, too!

It’s the hat he would have worn as part of his uniform as an Irish Volunteer, it’s a slouch hat as worn by some of the Irish Volunteers, he was also a member of the IRA and one of the chief officers of the Cork Brigade of the IRA. By this point a cap was more the norm but MacSwiney had been involved in the Irish Volunteers since their founding when many members had been wearing these hats.


Thank you…I had a feeling it held some significance! That was quite the funeral! Thanks for sharing it.

An’ may his soul rest in peace then. So sad, he was only 41.

Any progress being made towards a united Ireland over there Jharek? How’s the government doing?

Thank you for this fascinating glimpse into history. I think that it is amazing how an 100 year old archival footage can move and inform. His legacy as I have since read influenced others in history outside of Ireland such as Mahatma Gandhi. This film puts a more human story onto the Irish ballads about the uprising.

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The idea of an united Ireland is something that motivates some parties more than others in politics in Ireland shall we say. Right now I’d say let’s get through the Covid madness first in the UK and Ireland, I’d say the best hope is a border poll eventually.

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