Funeral Services - for everyone

Will you tell us something about your funeral services. I’m especially interested in learning about Muslim, Jewish, LDS, and Jehovah’s Witness services.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this one. I haven’t had mine yet.

Friends “Meeting for worship for Memorial” is very similar to our meetings for worship except that the body/casket/urn is present in the meeting house.

Each Friend may give vocal ministry during the memorial as led by the Spirit. At the end of the memorial those given the care of the meeting shake hands, signaling all present to turn to one’s neighbor and shake hands and the meeting is considered over. The casket/urn is then taken to the place of inturnment and a brief meeting is conducted at the gravesite or at the mausoleum. If a loved one is going to keep the ashes this part is dispensed with…a “wake” of sorts is usually follows the meeting for worship.


But you could plan ahead. :wink:

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