hi-my name is agnes–i,m from toronto ontario & just joined. i have a question i would like answered. what is the significance of sprinkling holy water on the casket at a funeral?

Welcome, Agnes.

Symbolically, holy water alludes to:

  1. Christ’s sacrifice for us - for water and blood poured from His side.
  2. The waters of our Baptism - and hence of our rebirth in Christ
  3. Eternal life - Isaiah speaks of the Temple of God having a cleansing river flowing from it.

As you know, Catholicism relies heavily on symbolism - a heritage of an illiterate past - and water is among the most powerful and pervasive symbols in Scripture and in our history. It is only fitting that, at a farewell to a beloved brother or sister in Christ, we offer water as a sign of eternal life.

Does that answer your question?

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