Funny captions for this picture, anyone?



Sorry I can’t think of a funny caption. But what is going on here?!


It’s the opening of my parish preschool.

This is after the solemn blessing, at the start of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.



I thought those scissors were photoshopped.


That is so funny. :joy: I like your caption.


When this guy plays Rock, Paper Scissors, he really means it.


They were. But then he cut them out with real scissors… The ones he’s holding in the photo.



That’s what I was thinking…the guy standing at the left of the frame has a big piece of paper and obviously lost the game.


via Imgflip Meme Generator


via Imgflip Meme Generator


So I said to the treasurer “ok, I get it, I need to make cuts.”


Our bishop couldn’t be here for today’s ceremony, but he let me borrow the diocesan scissors.


You can take the priest out of Jerusalem.

But you can’t take the drive to reconquer Jerusalem out of the priest.


“Step back, rabbis, and watch how a pro does it.”




I can’t handle these responses :joy: cut it out!!!



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