Funny cartoons to introduce hell, demons

Just wondering if anyone knows of some cartoons that won’t be too frightening for little kids so they can understand satan/demons are real but God is stronger. Like them fighting angels or something. I don’t mind if it somewhat secular or from a secular production company.

I can vaguely remember cartoon of some character sleeping and being in a hell situation and waking up and immediately doing something good. It was pretty light hearted. Porky Pig or something another.

Any idea where I can find these?

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Im interested also, as a kid doing my communion I really dont remember any comics or cartoons relating of hell per say I just knew the devil was bad and one time I drew Jesus in a monster truck with spike wheels(that said Jesus rocks!) running over the devil chained to the floor .-. Yeahh I know its kinda weird now that I look back lol xD.


Grew up non-Catholic. We learned about God and Jesus and Satan and Heaven and Hell from the time we were born. I found it odd that Catholic parents tend to not teach children about Salvation History.

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Try “Satan’s Waitin’,” the 1954 Looney Tunes feature starring Sylvester and Tweety. Here’s a link to the video…


Great suggestion, Colonel. I am 64 and I still love the old cartoons.

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“Superbook” on Amazon Prime does an amazing job!

“The Fryer” on EWTN is amazing.

So hell is a place of eternal damnation. And you’d like a cartoon with Porky Pig so you can explain the concept to children?

Have I got that right?


Actually, “the fryer” is where you don’t want to end up.

I believe you meant to say, The Friar which is on EWTN and offered in the EWTN Religious Catalogue.

You know Brad, I don’t share your religious “affiliation” but I do have to chuckle at your thought of explaining profound eternal ‘mysteries’ using Porky Pig as the instructor, is a bit of a “knee slapper”:laughing:

In the case of little kids, I would skip the lessons on hell and focus on Jesus, his sacrifice and his love for us. The crucifixion is hard enough for children to wrap their heads around anyway. Also I would talk about each child’s guardian angel, how he is with us to guide and protect us.
I think hell is too frightening for little kids, no matter how you sugarcoat it. And you don’t want to encourage experimentation with Ouija boards and such when they are older.

I am sure someone at school will bring it up and the kids will keep talking about it and ask us. So…

Thanks anyways Colonel.

I remember having pop up books and one was Hansel & Gretel, in one of the pages you lifted a flap and the devil appeared, looking very ugly, make sure the children see the ugliness of him. My children saw him under St. Michael’s foot looking ugly.

A child can accept the harsh reality of Hell because they don’t see themselves as the bad guys that end up there.

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…well… Porky Pig is a pretty fat fryer…

Interesting thought. Children are first introduced to Satan and his ways through Hansel and Gretel, things like that. A house made out of sweets, temptation, with something very unpleasant inside, waiting to devour them. Never thought about it I guess.

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I don’t think anyone would object to a Hans Christian Andersson tale being told to children to make sure they avoided walking in the woods alone and taking treats from strangers. But does anyone seriously think that telling a small child that now grandad is dead he is suffering eternally in hell fire is a good thing?

No, just dudes with trench coats and candy. And maybe weird uncle Eddie.

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