Funny (not really) yet sad anti-Catholic website


By far this is the most anti-Catholic thing I’ve seen. The most attrocious, the less website without any Christ-like charity.
It supposedly exposes truth but in reality it is only against the Catholic Church (and of course, weird conspiracy theories about 911 and such).
The claims in the “characteristics of Anti-Christ” are just plain dumb, but since their “Evidence” is so much, I’m sure it catches many people off guard.

Perhaps it would be good to start a thread or even a website that refutes each claim… It would take forever, but with help it could be done!

Here’s the messed up website:

May the Lord have mercy on them (on him, is only one person, he says) and bring them/him to His Truth and His Church.


I just skimmed a few things on the site - someone has invested a lot of time in creating a lot of garbage.


How do they have the time to do all this?!!:eek:

I’m upset with myself at times for spending as much time as I do on CAF and other boards! I can’t imagine putting together such a huge website.

While doing some research for my novel, I ran across another “Hitler was Catholic and therefore Catholicism is National Socialism” websites yesterday. At least I learned something about the convent school attended by Eva Braun! (Yes, according to the website, Eva Braun was a NUN!)


Most of the Seventh Day Adventist anti-Catholic propaganda has so little basis in fact as to fall more readily under the category of religious fiction. And yes, that’s me being nice about it…


Christians who claim that about the Catholic Church seem to ignore one of the 10 commandments…the part about not bearing false witness. :rolleyes:


Oh no. Not the remnant of god website. :frowning:


If you would have some direct downright proof that Catholicism is what Protestants make it to be, something which will come up to the mark, you must lie; else you will not get beyond feeble suspicions, which may be right, but may be wrong. Hence Protestants are obliged to cut their ninth commandment out of their Decalogue. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” must go, must disappear; their position requires the sacrifice. The substance, the force, the edge of their Tradition is slander. As soon as ever they disabuse their minds of what is false, and grasp only what is true,—I do not say they at once become Catholics; I do not say they lose their dislike to our religion, or their misgivings about its working;—but I say this, either they become tolerant towards us, and cease to hate us personally,—or, at least, supposing they cannot shake off old associations, and are prejudiced and hostile as before, still they find they have not the means of communicating their own feelings to others. To Protestantism False Witness is the principle of propagation. There are indeed able men who can make a striking case out of anything or nothing, as great painters give a meaning and a unity to the commonest bush, and pond, and paling and stile: genius can do without facts, as well as create them; but few possess the gift. Taking things as they are, and judging of them by the long run, one may securely say, that the anti-Catholic Tradition could not be kept alive, would die of exhaustion, without a continual supply of fable.

John Henry Newman, “The Present Position of Catholics in England”


Wow. Those folks need our prayers in a big way. How sad for them when they are asked by God on their last day what they did to promote the Faith.



To those who are thinking about joining the Catholic faith, I would like to point out that there is not one single anti-protestant or anti-religious sites created by Catholics. For 2,000 years, we seem to be the only ones who even does what Jesus commands, which is to turn the other cheek. Prayers are most needed at this darkest time.


Looks like they’ve closed their forum. I don’t think they’d read an honest letter, so I guess I’m left with praying for them, and that the Lord will protect people from taking any of that stuff on blind faith.


This website is something else.:mad: I like their ‘proof’…their ‘sources’ that can’t be checked up since they don’t list a author with the supposed ‘title’. It’s amazing, the supposed quotes by Popes JP2 and B-16, I have never read anything remotely close in any of their books and encyclicals. The maker of the website claimed to be a Catholic at one time; I can’t believe that they were that ill catechised growing up. Too bad they shut their forums down…they must not have been able to defend their weak bible verses for their ‘teachings’. They list the typical scripture verses to defend their point of view and completey leave out the other ones while attaching the Church on the usual topics of the sacraments, Mary, ect. And they say that WE Catholics need to read our bibles.

We need to pray for mis-lead people like this and the people they are misleading.


I have not read all the replies, but so far you are all right. Anyone can come up and make a website saying that Marylin Mason is a Catholic and therefore Catholics are all doomed to Hell, and people would still believe it!!!
Their sources are weak and of course, out of content. And they put “pictures” of the “Actual” encyclycals and news articles as if that would prove something.
It is very sad that they spent SO much time creating all that BC (bull ****), because it surely is a work that took much time and imagination.

Then again, Lance is right, pretty much all we can do is pray for them, and if necessary, try and correct them, though most of the time that is a waste of time.


And some wonder why I sound to be so anti-protestant.
Check this one out run by Seventh Day Adventists

This one claims that Pope Benedict will change his name which will render him the anti-christ.

I emailed him a few months after Pope Benedict took office and asked him if the Pope Benedict dies before the alleged name change, what happens.

He claims he will shut down the website. I think he will not, he will go back to the drawing board and work some more on his mathematical computations.


I really do feel sorry for these people that have created this website. They have a misguided faith. I have no doubt they mean well. Pray for them. :signofcross:


maaan, this wesite is even funnier (negative connotation)

but we shudn’t be “anti-Protesnant” or anti-anything in the sense that we are to be witnesses of the Truth (the FULL truth), and we are to set an example of charity.

Easier to say than done, though, as these things are attack to our Mother (Church)…


There’s no brownie points for being anti- anyone. I’d rather just keep a peaceful and charitable heart and keep answering the propaganda with truth and a smile.

The SDA (and others) are deceived and the only Christian answer is truth offered in love. That doesn’t mean arguing nastily or feeding my ego by gloating when I score points in debate with an a-C. It does mean remembering them at Mass and in our prayers.

Even as we Knights of the Immaculata do with the special version of the Miraculous Medal prayer that St. Maximillian Kolbe.composed.

" O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have
recourse to you, and for all those who do not have
recourse to you, especially the enemies of the Church
and those recommended to you."

1st Peter 3:14: But even if you do suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled,
15: but in your hearts reverence Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence;
16: and keep your conscience clear, so that, when you are abused, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame.
17: For it is better to suffer for doing right, if that should be God’s will, than for doing wrong.

Hang in there Joey. We must never stoop to the level of our 'enemies" .
Pax tecum,


Lets hack into this anit-catholic website and like…destroy it, or give it a virus…Or maybe not, is that legal? If so i’m game. lol


I read through that website, and WOW!!! I never knew the *true *interpretation of Revelation was for math nerds to figure out :eek:! Too bad my CCD class wasted its time on silly READING! :rolleyes:

I would swear on the almighty calculus book that that website changed my whole wide endofworldview :thumbsup: .


A very bad idea. Illegal, bigtime, and unless I am badly mistaken, even suggesting it breaks a couple of rules here at CAF, so I suggest that you not even kid about it. I’m fairly sure you were kidding, right?

We never have to stoop to the other guy’s level. We have two very important weapons.
The Truth, and the Holy Spirit.

Church Militant makes a really good point in his post about how e are supposed to respond to such folks.

In fact, he left out one thing.

Luke 6:31 **** Do to others as you would have them do to you.


I actually wrote in to Nicholas, the guy who runs the remnants of God website, in the past. Then I saw this post.

His remarks were incredible. He kept saying, “dear and precious Catholic, truth is truth.” He also critisized me and told me that I obviously was searching for the real truth since I bothered to look at his website and write in.

I wrote in and told him how Jesus had led me away from everything he was doing and right into the Catholic Church. He responded with a "NO WAY WOULD JESUS EVER LEAD ANYBODY INTO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH’

I’m pretty sure that I’ve never been closer to Jesus than I am right now in His Church. Praise God.

Scott Hahn talks about his anti-Catholic days in Rome Sweet Home. I have family who are very anti-Catholic and warn me of the dangers that I have brought upon my soul by becoming Catholic. We must pray for them and continually ask the Holy Spirit to give us opportunities and the tools to help defend our faith that has been given to us by grace.

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