Funny or Not Funny?


Dh bought himself a T-shirt that says WWJD. Under that in small font it says “For a Klondike Bar?”

Everyone we know thinks it’s funny, light humor. But, none of our friends are Catholics (or they are Catholic, but not practicing). I was just wondering what everyone on here thinks.

Funny or no?


I think it’s excellent humour based on the widely overused ‘WWJD’ phrase.

Jesus was God - we do what He told us, we do what He did, where possible. Don’t think I’ll be assuming anyone into heaven any time soon :wink:


I laughed too. The only thing I wonder is, with a T-shirt, how long it’s going to ‘stay’ funny. Posters you can take down, bumper stickers can be pasted over, mugs you can rotate, even hats and visors you can ‘change off’ more frequently, but a T-shirt you have to ‘wear out’. . .


**I have mixed feelings. On a personal level, I laughed. I don’t see anything wrong with a little clean humor. BUT, how would others see it? If it could potentially color someone’s view of my faith and have them think that I don’t take God seriously then that wouldn’t be worth it to me.

If it were my shirt, I’d wear it around the house and to my parents’… but if I saw someone else wearing it, I’d laugh.



I think it’s good!
As far as wearing it out a few weekends worth of house projects should do the job… if it’s anything like my T-shirts they’re ready for the “rag-bag” pretty quickly.

My wife jumped for joy when my:
(where’s the chips & dip??)

T-shirt got wrecked by battery acid…

so I guess Jesus wanting an ice-cream isn’t so bad! :wink:


Trust me, Dh has way more than enough T-shirts. With his collection, he doesn’t have to wear it often if he doesn’t want to. I think he has more T-shirts than I have of all types of clothes put together!

I’m always trying to get him to donate some or something, but well… :shrug:


He wants to wear it to an ice-cream social thing at my parish. I’m making him go with me. Well, making is a strong term, but he knows what’s good for him. :wink: My parish priest is hip and has a great sense of humor. Personally I think that he would get a laugh out of this shirt. The social is totally outside of a mass - not even directly after/before a mass.

What do you think? Pushing the envelope a bit, or a good ice breaker?


I would assume the person wearing the shirt was making fun of the WWJD symbol. Non catholics, well I guess agnostics, I know have used the WWJD in all kinds of comical situations. It confuses me that a simple thought to imagine what a holy person (even if you don’t know Jesus as the Son of God) might do in any give situation might bother some people, but like I said I have heard lots of plays on WWJD.

I certainly wouldn’t approach or discuss my feelings with the person wearing the shirt, it would just be a knee-jerk reaction, and I know it was meant as humor, but to me the humor would be aimed at WWJD, and I would not find it funny.

I don’t think this is funny either.


I don’t find that funny either. I didn’t even listen to the entire thing. I have a problem with how the Jesus in this video is checking out his reflection in the side mirror of the truck. I also have a problem with the girl with fishnet stockings posing seductively on the tree. I tuned out when they started singing about the 12 diciples being good drinking buddies… :mad:


…I’m making him go with me. Well, making is a strong term, but he knows what’s good for him…

Well, I hope you’ll have to suffer through an afternoon at the “Fishing gear, outboard motor & ATV accessories expo” sometime soon (if you know what’s good for you)…:wink:

That “JibJab” video actually made me PO’d, and that takes something… I can see a modern Jesus in a cool truck, or kicking back with a snort of some good sippin’ whiskey with the disciples (instead of wine for a change of pace)… but it went downhill QUICK from there.

Let him wear the shirt… let the response decide if some bleach “accidentally” gets dumped on it in the laundry room.


Oh yeah. Marrige is a give and take, right. I sit through my fair share of football games (his love) when really all I see is a bunch of grown men playing dog pile. :shrug: I put up with it cuz I love him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really though. He doesn’t mind going to these events with me because it makes me happy. At least that’s what he tells me. :wink: He has helped me to love some sports (like hockey :thumbsup: ) I’m hoping that I’ll be able to affect him similarly and help guide him back home. All in God’s time.


Good for you!

Just bite your tongue and bring another load of pretzels & beer at the next game :thumbsup: (and laugh at the bunch of doofus’s yelling at the TV about how they could do it better!)

I too go to “those things”… because it also makes my wife happy. We don’t share too many hobbies, so anytime together is well spent. She’s spent hours picking dirt-clods & rubber chunks out of her hair after sitting through races with me, and I’ve gone through caffeine DT’s after staying awake during concerts.

(I’m not a hockey fan, but the world’s largest stick & puck is only 4 hours drive away in Eveleth…)
God Bless.


It’s a far sight better than the Michael Vick t-shirts we have–which required me to explain to my 9 year old son the horrors of illegal, organized dog fighting and why one of his favorite football hero’s face is now on our dusting rags!


You know, it’s not even that dh and his friends yell at the TV they can do it better. What kills me is that they talk loud, so they have to turn up the TV. Well, then they can’t hear eachother, so they talk louder. Hey, now they can’t hear the TV - better turn it up. Okay, now we gotta talk louder… See where I’m goin’ with this.

Oops… I think I’m starting to derail my own thread…


Well, I think it’s sacrilegious.

I wouldn’t stand too close to him in case lightning strikes.


I automatically thought of all the atheist/agnostic slogans I’ve read on bumper stickers, T-shirts, and in online signatures. If I saw someone wearing it, I’d probably give an inward wince and think the person wearing it was non-Christian and making fun of Christians.

Atheism/Agnosticism are high on my list of Things That Annoy Jen so I’m probably way too sensitive to that stuff. I know its meant to be light humor, and I can see how it is funny, but I don’t want to help the A/A cause the slightest.


That just great.:smiley:


Jen and Paulin - thank you for your honest responses. I really appreciate it, as I am on the fence myself. (Obviously, or else I wouldn’t be posting about it here) :slight_smile:


I would assume the same thing. There are so many atheists and agnostics that are very public about their beliefs. I am young and many of my peers wear t-shirts like your DH’s, or repeat similar jokes. These people are always anti-religion. I would never see my religious friends wearing such a shirt, because they wouldn’t want to be confused for atheists.

Maybe stereotyping isn’t fair, but if I saw your DH wearing that shirt, I would immediately assume that he’s anti-religion, because of past experiences.


Can I add one?

I saw coasters (you know, for under drinks so your tables don’t get ruined) that said “You have set a table before me, my cup runneth over” I laughed first, then said wait…funny or sacrilage?

any thoughts?

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