Funny story.


So today I visited a friend who’s father is a Lutheran pastor.

While my friend isn’t quite the theologian, I really enjoyed starting a religious conversation with his dad while my friend was off on the phone for a bit.

We ended up talking about Protestanism vs. Catholicism…then the Reformation came up.

He then took me upstairs to his room…where believe it or not…he had a very old and nearly decompossed piece of parchment in a glass frame.

It turned out to be an authentic indulgence from Germany.

We spent a few moments looking at it silently. He looked very somber and serious.

He remarked “See what your Church has done in the past?”

I wish you all could have seen the look on his face when I jokingly said

“I wish Indulgences were that easy to get now adays…”

He looked absolutley dumbfounded.


Douay-Rheims Bible…$55
Making a Protestant Pastor feel like hes in the middle ages…Priceless

For everything else theres MasterCard.


:rotfl: brilliant :thumbsup:

I don’t suppose either of you could decipher what it ACTUALLY said? I’ve heard of some pretty … ahem … interesting indulgences (in terms of subject matter and what they purport to achieve anyways), not that I’ve ever seen one with my own two eyes.


Good stuff.


The way it was written was very ornate. The ink had sort of faded anyway…and the paper was browner than a piece of chocolate.

So no I couldnt really tell…

And It was either in Latin or German (I didnt spend too much time gawking at it) and either way I wouldnt be able to read it very well.

There was a very beautiful drawing of St. Peter’s keys on it though…


Sounds like it could be a Master Card Commercial for EWTN :wink:


Umm… Not to be offensive, but… what was the joke? I think I KIND OF get it… but… well, it’s 3:41am. That may be it.

Is it because a Protestant fellow has an indulgence?..


I think the joke was that indulgences are still available to Catholics today. We just can’t BUY them like most protestants accuse us of. (Not that we ever could). There are certain actions we must perform to receive an indulgence.

Shocking to some people, even Catholics, that indulgences are still available to us.


That was pretty much it.

I think he was expecting me to break down and renounce all Catholicism after seeing the ‘horrible things my Church had done’.

Thus, when talked about how I wished you could still get them that easily…he just couldnt digest that.

Of course, I was joking about buying indulgences. Thats wrong. Just wanted to mess with him a bit.



Why don’t I ever get any of these great opportunities? And even if I do, why can’t I think up fancy one-liners like that?

Very cute.



You sir, are my hero. :thumbsup: Way to think on your feet.


It’s called inflation. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I have to take it from a Lutheran friend of mine too about indulgences. But it’s a small price to pay to get her to go to a Latin Mass with me. She even owns a St. Joseph Daily Missal.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. She did study theology at St Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. They call it the Pink Palace. (Hey, those aren’t my words.)


You just did. Think about it. :thumbsup:


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