Funny thing my 14 year old thought


I went to visit my mom this weekend and we attended her new parish, Catholic, for the first time. I had just had a converstation with my 14 year old about not recieveing communion in a Protestant Church.

Well apparently, although our church has a NO mass, we don’t “look” like many NO parishes who have redecorated, as well as we don’t have the same kind of singing, because my son whispered and asked “I shouldn’t have communion, right?” When I inquired why not, he said “well you said I shouldn’t have communion in a Protestant Church”

I laughingly told this was a Catholic Church. He then asked if it was an old church. I said no, why do you ask? He said, “Well, it is just so boring. Hardly any pictures or statues.”

I guess that is what happens when you have a mostly retired parish, things “look and sound” more like a more Traditional Church. I think next time we go visit my mom we will have to attend a TLM for my son to experience and see which our church seems more like to him:p

Anyway, I thought you all here might enjoy hearing that my son thought a modern church with a NO mass was mistaken for a Protestant service by my son:)

God Bless,

Although I share some of the motivation behind your post, I fail to see how one can delight in paying such disrespect to the Sacrifice and Meal, Altar and Table that is the Mass.

Jesus has not, in the Novos Ordo, reneged on the promise He made to Peter: “and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

Nice one on de-railing the thread in the first reply…

I chuckled at your post Maria :wink:

Thanks Nick:)

And I’ll just ignore those whose posts are so completely offtopic. :frowning: And if I go on anymore about it, I will be guilty of it also so ignoring the posts, if not the poster, will be my response:thumbsup:

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I dont mean to chuckle…but I have too…
this reminds me of my 15y/o son:)
Thank you for sharing this with us!

No, He most certainly did not nor will He ever. And yet Satan still tries. Nothing pains me more as former Protestant than going to Mass or a Church that reminds me of Protestant worship. It’s truly sad.

Maria’s post humorously highlights what is evident even to the children; something is amiss.

And he should know. I am a “revert/convert” to the Catholic Church and did not start going to the Catholic Church until he was 8. Until then, it was various Protestant Churches.

I am just glad our church has a “Catholic flavor” and sets itself apart in his mind from the Protestant Churches we used to attend even if there is no TLM closer than 2 - 2 1/2 hours away.

:slight_smile: Please, chuckle away. I know I did.

While there certainly aspects of this that can be looked at more seriously or can be viewed in a sad light, this thread was intended to show the humorous aspect of the situation:) .

Interesting how you think I was derailing the thread.

To be clear, I am patently unhappy and dissatisfied with the irregularities in the Novos Ordo Mass. It is painful to try to pray in the midst of all the socializing going on. It is difficult to listen to the Gospel being proclaimed amidst the chattering. Reverence for the Real Presence of Christ in the Tabernacle, at the Altar is difficult to find in the majority of Parishes I have attended. It is quite distressing.

However, I refuse to take shots at Holy Mother Church by taking shots at her Liturgies. It is shameful to compare a protestant service with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, whether that Order be pre or post 1962.

Like it or not, I am one of you who longs for the return of Traditional Catholic Piety and Respect for Our Lord, both within and outside of the Church. I am not willing, though, to drag the Church through the gutter. Liberals, modernists and secularists can accomplish that without anyone else’s help.

It is my firm belief that it is the majority of Traditionalists that keep others from becoming Traditionalists.

Dear Stu,

Thank you. Yours is a perspective I can understand. Yes, something is amiss, I agree. I do not share your assessment of the post as humorous, though. I just think that it is a matter too serious to make light of.

On another thread someone provided me with a web-site that lists the different TLM’s in the Dioceses of the US. It seems that there is not one anywhere close to me. With other obligations to the family, many Sundays I will not be able to make the trip. I am awaiting, a bit impatiently, for the TLM to become available to those of us who desire it.

Here is another one Maurin won’t find funny. When we went to a funeral at a nondenominational funeral chapel, my 4year old whispered, “Mommy, where is the Jesus thing?”

Then I realized she missed seeing the cross on the altar. I hadn’t ever thought of it as the “Jesus thing.”

Out of the mouths of babes…

Dear shirley,

your charity is as large as it is commendable.

Actually your daughter hit the nail right on the head. Without a Crucifix at the Altar, or above it, the Sacrifice of the Mass loses some of its meaning and impact. Yes, another problem with the Novos Ordo.

In some Churches in a Diocese in Texas where I lived years ago the Bishop had to politely remind his Priests in some areas of that fact. There’s a Catholic supply store in Dallas who did a brisk business in large wall-mounted Crucifixes that year.

I truly hope you find some relief in that regard. I know when I am forced to miss the TLM and go elsewhere I feel down and I certainly have very little patience for silliness during the NO for precisely the reasons of which you speak.

Yet I find as Catholics we can still find humor even in the bleakest of moments or saddest of events. In fact, I think that is one of the better qualities of being Catholic. It is because we know that there is something greater than ourselves, that we can find the absurdities of own doing humorous. I think that is all that is being done here.

Again, we are of one mind it seems on some things but not on this. I hold to the gravity of re-scourging Christ at the post by comparing His Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to a protestant service.

I am sorry–I truly am. But I think that way. Noone must
think as I do. But unless one of the mods silences me, I will continue to make this specific protestation (and I hope that does not make me protestatant, :slight_smile: )

I sympathize with your son. I find holy reminders inspiring and inviting. I dislike the bare-modern parishes, and those left over octagonal 1960’s kumbaya parishes. Empty in more than one way, imho. But I can deal if I can find the rare parish that doesn’t have pagan activities in their church activities. By the way, I hear traditional looking churches (with all their wonderful holy reminders, perpetual adorations, and even saint shines) are experiencing a boom in attendance. I think that’s wonderful. So many parishes seem to be incorporating other religions/practices into their activities (protestant, pagan, buddhist, etc). Hard to find a Catholic-Catholic church anymore. Wow, I sound like I’m 80, not 27. Ah well. Your son said it best though. And I think that’s the feeling of many young Catholics today.

This has nothing to do with the “Novus Ordo” - it has to do with disobedient liturgy committees and priests who don’t guide them properly - the current Instruction of the Roman Missal requires that a Crucifix be on or near the Altar at least during Mass.

Someone may say that this (liturgy committees running amok) is “the spirit of Vatican II” but I suspect that a much different spirit is at work, in this case.

Yes, you are right, and thank you for clarifying and correcting me!

I am a son of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, and I have a love for the Mass, I savor and appreciate the privilege of receiving Him in my hands, as He forever holds me in His.

I apologize if it seemed I was knocking the NO. I did not intend to.

with gratitude,


:smiley: And it’s such an easy mistake to make!

I wonder how many people would get muddled between the 1941 TL High Mass on youtube, and a Protestant ‘liturgy’…

MariaG didn’t take any potshots at the Church and you are looking to be offended. She told a story about her son, who HAS been to a Protestant church and saw this parish’s style to be along the same line.

The pity of it is, we are discounted when we say the same, even if an ex-Protestant like my hubby says it. It gets really old when I compare the local “Catholic Community” with the local Methodist church because the style of worship is the same. It’s not an attack on the HMC nor the mass itself but the style. And then I get ticked at with a big dose of less than Catholic.

Maria, that was a great story. :smiley: Your son said it like it was!!!

My comments stand. And, mommy, you are not correct that I am looking to be offended. Does a fish look to be caught? Nope, just swims along doing his fish things.

Many of the so-called Traditionalists, those who claim obedience–absolute and utmost–obey noone but themselves. There is a huge disparity in their statements of belief and their actions. On very many levels.

I do not like much of what I read on this Traditionalist Forum, ma. And it has nothing to with the TLM, Traditional Catholic Piety or Reverence. Because I have found little that has to deal with the TLM in any substantial way, no Traditional Catholic Piety or Reverence.

I have encountered a group of well meaning people who have taken to heart Jesus’ first --and greatest-- commandment, but have dismissed His second.

They have made themselves victims, who then grow up to become perpetrators. And Bishops and Cardinals and Popes.

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