Furries! The latest fetish!


I know an art teacher who teaches at a local college. He has no fewer than three trans-gender students. But his next statement threw me–he has a “furrie” in his class! I had no idea what that was, but I looked it up. Look it up and then look at “images.” Furries dress up in animal costumes. As with any fetish (I think that’s a fair term), there is a range of people who identify as “furrie.” Some are more extreme. Apparently the more extreme (30% by one estimate) only get turned on by someone dressed up in an animal costume.

I’m not incensed, I’m amused. When I realized what it was, I laughed out loud. What next?


you’re late to the game. have you heard of otherkin and therians?


My adult son is a furrie. He goes to conventions with friends. He is also gay which I understand is one aspect of the draw. My thoughts are that this culture who identify as furries feel marginalized and for my son, he comes out of his introvert shell when in costume. He claims there is not the sexual activity at conventions like there used to be, but I can’t say for sure. He has a network of friends who have supported him the past three/four years (housing and food.) I was told by the LGBT area director that the furrie community is one of the safest of sub-cultures. Please pray for him - thank you.


This is old stuff, bizarre but not new and I’ve heard of the nonsense that is otherkin as well.


You name it. Pedophilia. Pologamy. It’s not going to stop until the Lord returns. What’s the phrase from I believe St Paul, “you people are ever inventing new ways if being evil”


no, I’m clueless. I’ll look them up!


I will,Dlee.


As bizarre as this fetish is, it’s between consenting adults. So no, it is nothing like pedophilia.


I actually didn’t say that it is.

Adults can consent to lots of things that are wrong, btw. That’s a pretty empty view of sex.


It may be an empty view of sex, but ultimately it isn’t my business. Providing children and animals aren’t harmed, I could care less.


Not exactly new, been around since Sci Fi Conventions in the 80s.

15 years ago CSI did an episode about a murder at a Furries gathering.


Then I’ll happily join forces with you once it gets that far. It will.


People have been sexually abusing children for thousands of years, and sadly, as we see, sometimes those people get the protection of powerful institutions. Rather than trying to assert some sort of future blame on some weirdo fetishists who aren’t hurting anyone, maybe we should all spend more time worrying about the children that actually have been and will be abused, and in general, children are at the highest risk of sexual abuse from people they know; family members, family friends, and other people close to them and their families. Strange people dressing up in animal costumes to have sex with each other is so far down the risk to children scale that I don’t even see how you can even bring it up.


That’s called a false dichotomy fallacy. We can do both. If you don’t see how “anything between consenting adults is permissible” is a dangerous gateway to “anything is permissible” that’s fine, but I do.

There are already groups who say as much.


I expect that episode is how most of the country learned about the practice.


Likely that and similar other mass media exposure. I was aware of it as subculture for many years due to my teenage and young adult interests such as comics and fantasy literature etc. and it was mentioned I recall (as was cos play and other things) in a series of editiorals every now and then by Wendy Pini. She was sort of half dismissive and half accepting of it as I recall, along the lines of, ‘Hey everyone thinks comic book fans are nerds and weird so since these guys aren’t harming anyone who am I to judge’, been the general tone of her remarks.

Otherkin and stuff like that is a later development although it had it’s forerunners in people taking obsession or interest in particular fantasy races, mythology or so forth too far.


According to my son, this episode was an overly sexed representation and not a true picture. The fur suits are actually quite expensive and custom made. I, sadly, didn’t even know he had it in the house. It was quite a shock to see.


No, I don’t see how it’s a dangerous gateway at all. This looks like an argumentum ad absurdum fallacy. The fact remains the single greatest threat to children comes from family and close friends. Worrying about whether some guy who gets his thrills with animal costumes turning in to a predator almost seems to be willfully ignoring actual measurable threats in favor of incoherent hypothetical threats.


The writers handling of a “Dwarfism Convention” was also super far off. My point was simply that this is not some “new” thing.


Yes, that was how I understood your comment.

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