Further Thoughts from a Franciscan Sister

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Happy Feast of the Assumption! It’s been a while since I reached out for this, so I’d like to take the opportunity to ask for your feedback on our blog: https://ourfranciscanfiat.wordpress.com - Is there something I should do to improve it? What posts most interest you?, etc.
Thank you!

Which posts have you liked best? What would you suggest?


I am working on a new website for our province. It is a ROUGH draft - this is one of the reasons (a big one) that I’m taking the week off of blogging.
Your welcome to check it out and give pointers:

This morning, after finishing Office in the chapel, I headed off to Mass, looking forward to a brisk walk. I’ve grown to love the combination of exercise and prayer (walking while praying the rosary, chaplet, etc., on the way to and from morning Mass)…

For some reason, of late, I’ve found myself frequently mouthing a simple, ancient prayer:, found as far back as the book of Revelation: "Come…

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