Future spouse... a foreigner?

First of all, this is my first post here, so sorry if I get the format/forum wrong.

Short Version:
I’m attracted to people interested in/living in a predominantly non-Catholic culture! Help! How am I ever going to find a spouse?

**Detailed Version: **
I’m a college student majoring in a foreign language and International Studies. For almost a year now, I’ve been studying abroad in the foreign country where the language is spoken. I feel very connected to and passionate about the culture (and have been for years now) so I know my interest isn’t just a phase.
I’m realizing that, if I want to have a relationship with someone who shares my interests and enthusiasms, that person will likely be found in this foreign country or be an expat or child of immigrants living in my own country. I know that married couples also have very different interests, but I really like to debate and discuss things, and bounce ideas off people whose opinions I value as well as listen to their opinions. Unfortunately, the country I’m interested in has a Catholic Church in ruins and is very immoral… am I searching for the impossible?

(I made some of the details vague to keep things neutral and prevent people being influenced by any prejudices, conscious or otherwise… but the matter of my situation is all here.)

Decide being a practicing Catholic is the #1 must have in a potential date.

Culture, dress, eye color, favorite dog breed, language spoken, those all come after shared faith.

You don’t have to marry a Catholic. But your spouse would have to accept that you are a Catholic. Allow you to participiate fully as a Catholic and raise your kids Catholic.

Staying Catholic and living the fullness of God’s truth and wanting the same for any possible children you might have should be the priority. Hopefully you can find someone that respects that. :thumbsup:

Wait until you have completed your studies then see if you still feel the same way, sounds like you are getting ahead of yourself here, God may have other plans.

I strongly advise you to marry a Catholic, it really is the most important thing to consider when choosing a spouse. Nationality is of far less importance.

It may well come down to a decision between a happy marriage and getting to indulge your preference for these foreign lands, which should be a no brainer to anyone taking marriage seriously, life is full of sacrifices.

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