Future uncertain, pray for us to know God's Will


Today my husband’s business partner, also our best friends, told us he is moving to Mexico. He just came back from a mission trip there (he is protestant), and said that he felt God was calling him to become a full time missionary and move back to Mexico. They are leaving as soon as they sell their farm.

That leaves us not knowing what to do. We moved here, to a different state, last year so hubby and friend could start this business. It is growing, but slowly. We can’t live off it yet. So now we need to know what to do. Please pray that God will show us clearly the path to take, and what He wants for our lives now. We want only to do His will. Thanks.


:gopray: I’m praying to the Holy Spirit. May His light shine upon you and lead you to make the best decision.



God bless you and your family. I pray that your lives follow God’s will.


I understand you problem… I too am having business difficulties… God has a plan!! He will lead you and he will tell you exactly what you need to do!!

I am praying for you and your business.



I pray that God’s will be done, and that it is God’s will that your business should succeed. The Lord will guide you on what to do best.


Do not worry the Lord is leading you to the path you need to take . The LORD is blessing your business and it will be fruitful . Lord calm these people and let them not worry . Lord lead them to the path they need to take . LORD bless the business and make it so that it will be fruitful . Oh thank you Lord ! All glory and honor is yours Almighty Father ! in the name of our saviour Jesus Christ , amen . John


Sweet Saint Joseph, be our intercessor in heaven and our protector on earth.

You are no stranger to picking up your family and moving them as directed by God’s will. Help the Teakfrogs to discern if they are in their Egypt, or if they are in their Nazareth.

Secure the Teakfrogs to your patronage: watch over their business, the same way you watched over your carpentry shop.

Watch over their finances, the same way that you maintained a roof over the head of the Christ Child.

Watch over their family life, because even with confidence in the Lord, these stresses can be most difficult to bear.

Foster father of Our Redeemer, petition the Throne of Mercy that God’s will be revealed to them.

We ask this of God the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


Dear Teakafrog…this must be a real blow to you and your hubby and I will keep it in daily prayer that The Holy Spirit will guide and support you in God’s Will making straight and light His path before you…will keep your friend in prayer too…God bless you and yours…Barb


Praying for you. :gopray:


Lord, please guide this couple through the difficult time and decisions that they must make for themselves and their children. Amen.


Praying for you both…


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