Fuzzies...how do you get rid of them?


I’m not sure if this is the correct forum to put this on, but here it goes. Does anyone know how to get rid of those fuzzies you get on furniture, clothes, throws, etc.:confused: ?

I have those Surefit stretch slipcovers for my couches, I don’t know what my little angel:angel1: did but one of the slipcovers has a bunch of fuzzies on it now:hmmm: . It looks like he rubbed up against it over and over and there are a bunch of little balls from the material on it.

Other than those shavers does anyone know what else will get rid if them, it looks horrible, it makes the slipcover look old and it’s not. Any help and suggestions would be very much appreciated, thanks!!!


A Sweater Stone is cheaper than a shaver. More elbow grease is required but it does work. :smiley:


Why would one want to get rid of a Fuzzy, unless they were trying to seal their planet for interstellar mining operations?



If you manuever carefully, you can use a plain old Bic (dirt cheap) plastic razor. Just scrape the razor GENTLY across the fabric, taking care NOT to dig into the fibers. For a slipcover, it may take more than one razor. Persona razors also work, as do the variety of women’s disposable razors.


Sounds like something I could do…thanks!!!


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