Fuzzy Inner Feeling (FIF)


Here is the theory:

If you don’t have within yourself a fuzzy inner feeling, then the Holy Spirit is not with you, your denomination is false and rank with false teaching, and you had better join our denomination in a hurry to avoid eternal fire.

I think the first time I heard this was in relation with Jehovah Witnesses, but have since heard it from other Protestant denominations.

So the question is, what do you think about this?

Ok, let me see if I can tell this story the same way I heard it:

Truth, Faith, and Feeling were 3 guys walking along a wall. As long as Faith kept an eye on Truth and Feeling followed Faith all got along just fine. As soon as Faith turned to see what Feeling was doing they BOTH fell off the wall and only Truth remained.

For what it’s worth, I love that feeling when God is near, but I don’t NEED it to know the Truth. I say it is a reward, not a barometer.

That’s a great story!! :thumbsup:

So, they’re telling you,

What do they tell members of their own denomination who are going through a Dark Night, or who just aren’t “feelings” kind of people? :shrug:

So the question is, what do you think about this?

I think it’s a recipe for big trouble. If that’s all they’ve got to offer, run away. Far, far away.

My wife doesn’t have a fuzzy inner feeling toward me every day, but she’s still here.

That’s one of the problems with feelings-based religions. When I was Mormon, I learned that you could never let anyone know that you were not “feeling it” at any given moment. To do so would make you instantly suspect of having committed some heinous sin that drove the Holy Ghost away from you. Therefore they all just shut up and pretend. It’s a very lonely and sad way to live.

I assume it’s the same in other feelings-based religions.

I think it’s a recipe for big trouble. If that’s all they’ve got to offer, run away. Far, far away.

Right! That’s exactly what I did.

God bless,

Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me.

Doesn’t sound like a warm fuzzy feeling to me.

Did Christ have that same warm fuzzy feeling when he uttered, “My God, My God! Why have you foresaken me?” Jesus must have been guilty of some heinous sin.

The Mormons are the only group that I know of who verify the truth of their claims with a “burning in the bosom”.

But Mormons aren’t Protestant, neither are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Again, whatever you may have encountered with individuals is, ultimately, irrelevant. You’d be better off dealing with their church’s official doctrine rather than slandering whole groups with the opinion of some person you met…

There’s is more than enough grist for your over-wrought e-Pologetic butt-kicking mill there without having to make **** up.

That is just perfect:thumbsup: I love it.:extrahappy: Our minister constantly tells us it is not about our feelings it is about the truth. Feelings are nice but they will cloud your judgement.

AND THIS from a born again evangelical christian;) Who knew we actually dont go by feelings:shrug:

If I was controlled by my feelings–well lets just say it wouldnt be pretty;)

Luther, Protestant theology and the Epistle of James…
steadfast…you have the audacity to say this after all the individual opinions you were trying to use in the above thread here in the forums…non catholic religions forum…

No reason to use such juvenile language either…yes, we all know what your **** stood for.:mad:

Give me an example where I used a personal experience to color a whole group. Or where I characterized the whole group based upon what a single individual or small dissident movement within the larger group did or said.

Until then, please stop poisoning the well.

I just read through that whole thread. Your attempt to hoist me on my own petard is ridiculous and baseless and when you aren’t able to come up with any examples of my doing what I describe above I’ll go ahead and assume it to be your apology and retraction.

Throughout that whole thread you kept using Jerome and a handful of others personal opinions to forward your point. In this thread you put someone down for using personal opinions…that is my point of responding to you here. Nuff said on this subject as it has nothing to do with the rest of this thread.

Thanks! I wish I could take credit for it, but I am only the recipient of this great piece of wisdom. Someday I hope to be old and wise…for now I’ll have to settle for stealing from the old and wise and being young enough to outrun them :smiley:

But do they really feel something?? Or do they all just pretend? How could this feeling be best described, like when you drink a tequilla and then it burns for a while and warms you up or more like a being in love (butterflys) feeling?

LOL well Im going to steal it from you:p Thankfully it is through a computer so you cant catch me:p You probably could catch me if we were in person:eek:

For me it is more like a desire that I cant get enough of the scriptures. I want to learn learn learn and learn some more.:smiley:
Which is pretty funny because I hate to read:o

And what was my point?

There is a difference between citing the example of an historical authority to support one’s point in debate and suggesting that just because one has encountered a theological oddity in an individual case that every other case is colored by the same oddity or that we can dismantle the oddity and that doing so will have some apologetic value beyond that individual.

But now that I know that you cannot think analogically with any degree of critical accuracy I’ll avoid giving you such a hard time in the future when you say ridiculous things like you have here.

I really have to disagree with sort of cynicism. I seem to see it a lot on this board and I am thinking that this is something that Catholics aren’t taught but I would suggest to you that this is a disservice.

Luke 24:31 And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.
32 And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?

This is something the Protestants made up. What did the day of Pentacost feel like? Has the Holy Spirit ceased to strive with man? God forbid! (as Paul would say)


That must be when your having a dark night in the doghouse. :smiley:


I have heard this same thought conveyed by some Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, Assemblies of God, and maybe a Unitarian or Church of Christ (I don’t remember clearly on this), etc.

Slander!:mad: I demand an immediate public retraction of this accusation and apology!!!

As for dealing with individuals. When I converse with a person of any given faith community and they tell me what they what they believe, I have to assume that they are conveying what their particular Church teaches. If it is not, I hope someone will then correct that misunderstanding and show then what the denomination official teaches.

Just like when someone hears a Catholic say they believe this and this - if they don’t know the Catholic faith, then they assume that the Catholic Church teaches what the person was told. If the Catholic they spoke to was not conveying the true Catholic perspective, then when they talk to someone knowledgeable about the faith - perhaps on a forum like Catholic Answers - they will be fraternally corrected as to the truth. Someone asks here - I heard Catholics believe xyz. If the Catholic Church teaches xyz, those here will say - yes, and this is why - or - no, this is what we believe and this is why. Official documents, Church Fathers, etc. will be cited to show why this belief exists.

And I am sorry if you feel I sometimes lump all Protestants in together sometimes. When I wish to know how non-Catholic Christians view a certain doctrine or idea, I couldn’t start a thread for each denomination, not even each major branch of denominations.

:confused: :mad: Are you addressing me personally or Catholic Answers Forums in general?

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